About Me

I have revised many of my books due to journals and journals of poetry and comments during my life basically from 16 years of age to 18 military-28 military active and reserve army. Been across the world and back, my diary is all about me viewing the world of how i see and/or saw it to include solutions for individuals like myself. I do my own arts to include photography and painting; i am an intermediate journalist, musician which can make the beat plus songwriting lyricist… I love solving problems and providing solutions. I even have solutions to business and economics worldwide though starting within South Carolina first. I am an information technology specialist who does my own networking and marketing etc., knowledge also in six sigma green and lean belt and human resource, and all other elements of my life is known to me personally. All literature on this wordpress and my book is under copyright law. Peace. And you will find me all over the web to include bringing up my own server really soon too. I got different branches of my POURAHTREE on different social sites while the roots remain here; those are all books in motion. I’m not updating this site with the books i publish for sale though they are being published via Amazon and Createspace and soon from my own server plus a place for work demons like myself who like to turn literary arts into treasure will be welcome cause i am all work and no play. Time is no joke and freedom is even closer when you controlling your say-so from your homestead. Write myself greatness based on my dreams manifested is the way i gotta be and i can’t even feel you if you going against seriously. I do prevail for some odd reason unexplainable whether dead physically or live non-physically. My Soul 2 Keep on the real…see ya around the world near a heart into you. All works published is my life in pieces like an autobiography-on-the-go from the day i die to the night i am found again and again. I do plan on burying my written pieces in caskets on a cemetery plot i will design myself. The fluorescent books will be given away for free by hand when i feel that connection she can keep a secret….then i’m dashing back invisible. Peace twice.



Dramatis Personae: Literary Arts

Zero) Diary of a Black Man

  • Zero: Sexless, Indivisible and Invisible

First) Diary of a Black Man: Just An Illusion

  • Just An Illusion: Break The Spell

Second) Diary of a Black Man: Close Range Hollow Tips

  • Close Range Hollow Tips 2: Extended Clip

Third) Diary of a Black Man: Raw Remnants Head On

  • Raw Remnants Head On: From The Crypt

Fourth) Diary of a Black Man: Book of Unknown

  • Book of Unknown: The 22 Soulmate Letters

Fifth) 10 Reasons Why I Have No Economy

Sixth) Musekhetology: Songs of Inner Expression (lifetime series)

Seventh) Tutu Ihy Shayheh: Rose of a Lifetime is about a Prince who came into becoming a perceptive healer who also mastered music and musekhet growing up as rose… (lifetime series)

Eighth) Bastet Heket Shayheh: Sea Lotus of Fire is about a Princess who came into becoming a warrioress the fearless who empowers birth between elemental planes as lotus … (lifetime series)

Ninth) Book of Time: 1440 Thoughts about a Relationship

Tenth) Discourse of Dramacydal: Play of Soul Love is a play of discourse between two genders struggling to get over physicality in order to see themselves for who they really are from within….

Eleventh) Closet Drama: Three Queens and I is of course Queen Nefertiti, Nzinga and Tubman and I enlightening me on a journey into the future. We enlighten each other actually twenty four seven as three Queens teaches me Justice through Love and Beauty, Fierceness through Business and Economics and Invisibility through Unconsciousness of Day and Night… (lifetime series)

Twelfth) Handwritten in invisible ink called “Book of Love” only available by me while traveling in my journey of the physical form cause i only trust my real roses and not imitations. You will be able to see the real me while under the moonlight as the world fears more than it loves so i will remain invisible just as love will.

Thirteenth) Change of Four this series is all spontaneous styles (comes out monthly)

Fourteenth) Love & Communication: 5 Letters and 40 Quotes …i love myself and Venus.  Lifetime series.

Fifteenth) Book of Sinestar – which is my logographic calligraphy tied to my life’s musical score and cultural fashion. My musical language.

Sixteenth) Book of Space – all about my geometry and trigonometry.


Seventeenth) Book of Change – all about my calculus of writer’s trajectory, 4 elements and the 4Is.

Eighteenth) Book of Structure – all about my algebra and the 4 elements.

Nineteenth) Book of Quantity and Quality – all about my arithmetic, numbers, 4 elements and 13 hours of time.

Twentieth) Book of Astronomy – all about my cosmology.

Twentieth First) Book of Psychology – all about my dimensional perception of day and night.

Twentieth Second) Book of Cultural Fashion – this is a book of just my sketches of two gender designs featuring my logographic calligraphy. This is the first physical symbolism representing myself and no-one else upon beautiful geometric and symmetric attire. Footwear will be presented in here also.

Twentieth Third) BLAQ ROSE  story about me and my manse called BLAQ ROSE on my own empire and not over people by myself. I am surrounded around roses, butterfly gardens, herbs, nut trees, vegetation, cool animals and just a tale about me delivering roses with rosy poems every day and night. It’s my fantasy to hand pick roses off my own land and delivery free of charge personally and a poem. And I had 46 rooms available, though only for the super-mysterious. The book includes my sketches of BLAQ ROSE and will be available to order separately as my architectural empire…in the works

Twentieth Fourth) Book of Pourahtree — The 92 Dreams of an Empire (breakdown of whole book)

46 Empress Dreams – every county has a spiritual being who is a princess turned queen as empress.

46 Emperor Dreams -every county has a spiritual being who is a prince turned king as emperor.

(23 books of Princesses + 23 books of Queens = 46 Empress Dreams) + (23 books of Princes + 23 books of Kings = 46 Emperor Dreams) = Intelligence + Wisdom + Prophecy = Book of Pourahtree — The 92 Dreams of an Empire

Dramatis Personae: Performing Arts

Zero) Play of Soul: Love and Communication

First) SeaKrait Sun – is a timeless dance orchestrated with deep spoken word and musical scores


Start from you looking at me, turn my cover then read my pages…with an open mind perceptively held from sun down to moon up. Peace.


Like-minded folks are welcome to join me in creating a collection of poems as a collective project to include stories of real and unreal too. We can communicate by emailing each other or just simply posting your thoughts. I would like to get into anything literature to be published as books to mini-series books digital to on-ground. Doesn’t matter what genre to like-minded folks.


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