Hatred Within Out

My hatred stems from alot of things in society to include my own family. Most of my hatred has actually stemmed from African-American females in general. Why they as lesbian or not, feel the need to power control over someone who doesn’t really want to nothing but live life? I will never know. I can’t let every African-American female determine my ability to rationalize wrong overall and subject them all as whatever rumbles through mind…i cannot. But what i can do is release my emotional stress before i do something i might regret. I have problems with African-American males also…shoot i am one consider under racial laws and not racial in racist but just as it is. I wish sometimes, even when minding my own business for the best in life i could be free from the chaos surrounds me. Your are probably wondering where all of this came from right? Yes, well being on the internet on a black or African-American website where they bully you off, reverse racism, cyberstalk you, harass you if you are not in their right mind of judgement will kill anybody spirit…and most of these people with avatars are older people. I don’t understand why i cannot express myself as me without them hawking at me. I will never understand African-Americans…i will never really understand any of society except for not to do no more harm than you can handle and for me i cannot handle anymore harm to myself. Blacks or African-Americans are filled with hatred indeed and even willing to oppress themselves after the bullcrap of history and herstory. They do not trust themselves…no not at all. The women of the lot uses absolute power from on-line to the on-ground to will what they please i mean i just got kicked off a server for protecting myself under copyright law, showing examples of why you should, and that website is primarily about authoring your books but then again only posts considered to be what they like is to be posted and not what you like or thinking of. You thoughts has to be just like their train of thought no matter religion, purpose, gender, age and so on. Is that possible? Nope. And they wonder why unity is obsolete among us all….I was told i was aggressively promoting myself but indeed i was just only protecting myself as it seems like i was promoting but i used my blogs to aggressively promote myself under their policies and still i got booted off the server. I even showed examples of other artist copyright and promotion of themselves to prove my point to the administrator that indeed she was wrong but she picked a fight with me already preplanned while i was actually getting dinner. I even received a fake phone call too after i posted the real deal of the law. I guess somebody didn’t like that either. It’s alot of stuff rumbling through mind and it’s jumbled up together but i will continue to join other literary artist elsewhere and continue my efforts on-ground with my music upcoming. I trust no African-American female young to old…and i have no brother on-line to on-ground just a bunch of …….i don’t know. Still i do business with black folks. I will venture again with other races to do business…i’ve been around the world and back and still traveling and sometimes i wish i were with my real folks who down like me and straight from the islands and africa themselves. Is it possible to hate your own kind of a different sector and be blinded that you are all the same? I would think so and then again the only answer is to separate yourself and best your higher consciousness minus hatred. Peace.