I hate the black woman

I remember when you left me stranded,

after that your man tried to kill me,

after in california you had me setup,

after in south carolina you stalked me,

after in north carolina i had that career on lock,

you fucked me out of it,

i remember…

i remember when you told those lies,

on that websites cutting me off from speaking,

just as before and ever in a day,

you ignore the facts and perceive what you want,

you a crab in the bucket,

but you fucking with the wrong glock,

i got love for these bullets traveling,

put all names of those black women who going to die on it…

for putting my life in danger,

took my money under brainwashing,

oh you need me and i believed you,

took my credit after that power of attorney,

my own momma after i pledged allegiance,

to my great grandmother to protect her from the abuse,

knowing my life was on the line,

and still is….

so on the real fuck every black woman,

they use people and think they be clique up,

using feminism and twisted ideas two flow,

as lesbians together destroying everything in sight,

but i got two feet like roots,

the tree you cannot understand,

and i got 16 reasons why you dying tonight,

and tomorrow….

fuck your grievance and sorrow,

i just do not give a fuck,

fuck your pride,

and you can see it my eyes,

when you die….