I hate the black woman

I remember when you tried me,

had me lost in your sick rapture,

talking about me in the workplace,

while stationed in virgina you redbone bitch,

corrupting to endangering my job and mental state,

telling everybody indirectly how i fiend you,

sending emails to me on the low,

reversing shit making me look like a joke,

just to come back and ask me to hold in there,

hold in where bitch??

your crazy and insanity??

bitch you tripping,

you think you got power by the hours,

but i got more hours for a lifetime,

cutting down all you bitches,

can’t take the unrealness no more,

you got no culture,

you a female nigger on the real,

or maybe a gold digging hoe,

or maybe a sex paid prostitute on the low,

i know what you don’t,

the virus is here cause you made me this way,

so fuck you and you and you,

running through your systems of oppression,

just like the white man and woman,

i use to be against,

until found out it was you,

while defending you,

you was stabbing me in the back,

sharpest pains ever,

in every way of go,

i couldn’t falling to the ground like why?

and you told me “not you my nigger…”

so please believe i will buck back,

at all cost losing my soul,

fuck my emotions royally,

my mind state is night,

the clouds is thick and heavy,

filled with tremendous hurt and anger,

you the emotional rapist,

chess wannabe gangbanger,

so who shot ya?

the black woman,

and i hate her to the max,

all you bitches,

go blow on yourself,

lick yourself to death,

or blow on a mad dick,

my natural born foe,

this goes out to any foe,

any bitch and every way hoe,

cause i wanna know…

if you hate me then let’s go,

and let’s ride head on,

cause i hate you too,

please believe it.