I hate the black woman

She has no emotion,

she has agendas,

no one knows of,

she wants to fight me,

she wants to kill me,

i cannot stand her ways,

i did nothing to that bitch,

i swear i did not,

she takes my money,

rapes my emotions,

fucks my soul,

kills my spirit,

what is left of me?

a shell of a man,

who still is worth nothing,

and there are no real men,

she done killed them off,

so fuck her for life,

glad she aborted child,

cause every time i tried to be right,

and do right from the jump,

i am at fault so you know what?

i am cheater,

a beater,

a liar,

a fool,

a child,

a rapist,

a criminal,

a hardhead,

a lost soul,

a hopeless romantic,

a nobody,

straight invisible,

that is how she likes it,

so fuck her completely,

i hate the black woman.