I hate the black woman

Pain cannot explain the struggle,

i must do everything she does,

i must follow her to the death?

bitch you crazy,

you witch of black art spells,

you stupid if i follow your enslavement,

on these streets i shed no tear,

so fuck you to the heart,

i am numb to the toes,

after fighting for you for no reason,

i got no love for you,

cause you never gave none back…

to the depths muthafuck you!!

and you will not fade me,

think i am coming back to you,

after you showed out??

i got your 411…

let me catch you slipping….

trying to kill me spiritually,

and i am coming straight to your dome,

with no fear,

my dark love out the shadows,

you gave me beyond no return,

it ain’t no such thing as tough love,

when your words turn into rounds,

and your actions speak up most,

you got innocent girls follow you,

they follow you blindly repeating the same,

keeping us all endangered,

and you do not care most…

my heart pumps no fear,

i hate the black woman.