I hate the black woman

Providing solutions often helps me to relax you know what i’m saying? In my mind now comes in comments of black women saying “if there were no children, then it would be no you” and “respect her and me” and “who shot ya? i would give the explicit version”…and another one “you are a liar” and so on…i guess i do hate black women for they know not what they do. And they want to know why and all the questions on earth…they need answers…i mean all the women from africa was not like that too me or the ones from the islands and i will never know why. Sometimes i do want to cry and just like tell them all fuck you and i truly hate you too cause i do truly hate them all. i walk around to myself thinking i truly i love black love and even though the moments of today has influence me in a greater than ever still it stems from alot to betrayal, abortion, and just more…and here goes more comments like “you’re banned for a week for disruptive behavior and aggressive promotion and until you cool down and learn the rules…” and all this and that with love hearts at the ending and it’s funny to me you know? Simply put, i have put my trust into the wrong hands and got burnt one time too many. Sigh. Still i hate the black woman deeper than i can know cause i didn’t ask to be born in this storm of madness as i followed behind my great grandma of being loyal and kind and striving to do your best, plus i promised her on her deathbed at the age of 14 and half i would protect my moms cause even great grandma knew i was indeed like her and a man at a very young age. Reason why my great grandma made me promise cause she saw what kind of man my moms was married too and even i knew it and so, she tried to convince moms but as usual moms didn’t listen. The chokings, punches, verbal abuse, threats at family, guns in my face, the adultery to include whatever else and to this day moms claim she got soo much love for me but indeed she didn’t and still don’t. She even wonder why i got so much hatred for her. She reminds of that female who controls that server…just as ignorant as she can be totally denying everything i’m saying even if it is the plain truth in her face still pride lets her to the top. Imagine somebody saying and trying to put words in your head and mouth as if they are you and proving to the masses their point-of-view as a mother knowing a mother has extreme persuasion skills and power, especially a black mother or any mother for that matter. I don’t know why i am hated for bringing solutions to the table even of my former relationships just to get looked at as if i’m nothing…a piece of trash…shoot even my own mommy uses me like a gun to include my sister at times and my auntie. They say black women over here in America has problems and yet when you try to solve them it creates more problems. I’m tired of the black woman officially and could care less if she died to include myself. I’m just tired of being loyal to a best friend who ultimately stabs me in the back everytime. I’m tired and troublesome to the heart that if i do i might explode on all of them knowing all of them are not like that but then again i cannot tell. And my problem is relationships anymore either…it’s just getting along and trying to do business with them which never works cause it will never be as it always turn out to be personal. I’m sick and tired of the manipulation to include those lesbians who are down as them within them as cliques within cliques and just i’m sick of it. And i bring up that along with feminism as it does match it sincerely true but i never did anything to harm anyone of those females…ever!! I’m not going to be nice anymore and when i see a black female this time instead of giving out a rose or even thinking of one i’m just passing on bye. Fuck the black female and the backstabbing so called brother. These times are mad and my fingers are getting more speedier as thoughts are just racing through mind about all the wrong shit done on me not including what i’ve seen on others. I’m tired of the shit to the fullest and just feel like….dayum i feel like killing those bitches one by one who ever did anything wrong to me and tried to stop my business and livelihood. Fuck them all. Fuck the black female completely!!! Fuck you bitch. Fuck you. (crying to myself)