Seed of the Unknown

Wind carried me,

dropped me into earth,

gaia knew perfection,

hardness became imperfect,

softness spouted,

i see shines perceptively,

blackbird of intelligence,

spoke to me,

all the way,

then released me,

into wind,

i know,

i took,

you everywhere,

and i feel the same,



i can easily touch ground,


a brush of shallow,


under sun,

wavy moon lights,

which one am i,

of all personalities,

that are just aspects,

of everything?

I am still walking…

yet me been many places,

practiced many religions,

i found faith in myself,

there is no religion of self,

though my faith is strong,

i express of me best i can,

due to limits below,

of hue-man languages,

animals have tongues,

other kingdoms play signs,

act accordingly aware,

then again maybe blind.


me too have no home,

we spark sudden,

ignite fury of flames,

a remembrance,

every arsonist tame,

pyromaniac in nature,

or neteru,

soon one burn simmer,

simmer ashes out,

providing fertile ground,

earth is deeper than expected,

accepting even death as life,

a birth of anew sight,

delightful memory,

cheers to you roots,

i grow altitude,

wherever planet-wise,

wild and uncut,

change of four,

cores of must,

detached from outer,

inner sown soul we tale,

seed of the unknown.