White or European or whatever they calling themselves too you know? Ninja they always be top without regard to previous histories and herstories. Yet they stay all about the epitome of being on top richer into richest yet some are not like that and maybe fallen from grace or not a silverspoon fed growing up like Ted the homie strolling thugged out what up fool?!?! Yeah. Seriously, in this world it is about egotism run the sun-up before the rooster calls it mourning or the nightfall of seduction calling calling calling. From europe they live with the drinks partying got the currency on lock sporting fashions moving about modern to extra-millennial even though you go back in time to find out what happen is the repeat of times just like rhymes which phonetic out your mouth around the world ears heard verbs said in different languages vibration vibrating at first sight hi and hello then again smiling but what is on her mind looking elegant as lady’s wine bottle precisely speaking clear american psychology association near you and oh ah dip dap dizzy dah what a zest for life is cougar on vice within clubs. Power control power control power control and what it boils down to is race and color a prestige of above all else the gods and goddesses with her jewels of family stan and daniel plus elizabeth times rhonda equals olivia. Quite confusing is it not? Is it all about politics ensuring war by being absolute brute and intelligent on top of the world but wait a minute feet…we are as you drill out from the vision of the egotism to see clearly. Though dictatorship has always brought freedom to homes and limited schemes of getaway to the opinions of true citizens like a watch perhaps clocking them all with words across space timed dominating everything without shooting craps double up to tripling up off the map? On the real, it’s all about association of currency and power minus everything else…everything else is ghetto. Cold world from every land they occupied though increase survival depending on the mechanics of science and math they art without no love and no soul less emotional and most mentally controlling manifesting physically spiritually appalling. Done been rich with them seriously, partied, had a couple relationships with females of they circle, still you are treated different then again color is perceptive righ? Or is it reality? Maybe outer sight from off the surface into the underground and of course on my own land would be tightly put and concise. So i go about not saying more of nothing to them across the world just as black, african or whatever they want to call themselves too. And the reason why i never really put in the Asians or yellow-brown people or whatever they want to called themselves is you don’t exist in their book of times unless you destroy them cause to them all is chess but their culture they try and preserve and since it is no absolute mathematical testing to know all the answers from babies to elderly of why they remain so grounded in culture then let their actions speak for themselves same as the Latinos of more reddish-brown and different dialects to races and peoples too. Then you got the tribes all over the world of every hue-man compared to industrialization…who is better, the ones who are building to destroy or the ones who remain wise and outer sight yet no accessible to advancement in outer sight times? Attraction of curiosity strays through the jungles and up into the mountains where governments of people exist between themselves and i have gotten the luxury of company from mostly native american, african-latino, asian and pure african tribes out and about and their experiences touched me the most to be my own self real and the hardest thing about being hard is being real…so i’m coming realer than i can be with Tri Ba and just my own inner self you know? I can’t be a color no more…naw…i got’ta represent me of how i look and be thinking, feeling, and everything else i know of without gimmick straight heart to soul and no faking so i rather be the Book of Unknown starting chapter Tri Ba but first there are Precepts of Honesty, yes my roses do love me, i got best friends in the forms of soul now, no longer a beautiful young black man but me and my symbolism describes me and no other followers cause when you follow someone then you become them straying off your path as perception must exist or slavery of one together as zombie nation will persist and about me are just droplets tonight…i must continue to flow when i entered.