Full Circle? Revolution? The Tale of Four Men and Women

Say you have four equal men and women of the industrial world. Each man takes his woman as his own and vice versa. The woman represents the culture as always cause she births it right? Man births the way of thought more on a business level so in turn the economy is the woman. Man is business which within economics and woman is culture which within economy as it. Each is equal doing endogamy or maybe considering outergamy though if all is equal then all is balanced causing no strife as going outer produces strength of the world entire dna bank and lessen incest am i right? The only way this will not work is if war arise. Now in reality one man is on top with his woman. Another is behind him more so or less or rather beside him and his woman. Another man is coming up greatly in his shadow with his woman. Lastly is a man far behind split in two along with his woman out of control split in two. How is revolution ever going to happen for the lastly man and woman out of control when his woman has no culture? He has no business to last? They both spend into the other three men and women messing up the full circle of equality for themselves when in today’s time they have just as much opportunity with brain power or not. There will be no revolving of the equality at the table until the lastly man stands up and tell the woman who is out of control to hold his hand and go find themselves from which they came from. Now will this ever happen as the start or progressing revolution? Take a look at reality and the communication systems we have as hue-mans that is influencing each and every hue-man industrial not including tribes as tribes remain the most vital piece of humanity as the originals and roots. There are tribes in all of hue-man kind and many who “free and higher conscious minds” willing to die for the cause by sacrificing themselves to be apart of the heaven’s dream in order to move each every hue-man kind to the equality as full circle as a humane and universal revolution. The world is still waiting on lastly man and woman to complete the final stages of full universal revolution. Universal revolution starts within self to participate in the entire picture of  outer universal revolution within the full circle.  Know thyself vertically and horizontally within the four corners.