Where ya love at? Last of it to the face homegirls.

“Oh you ain’t responsible for nothing huh but remain the “Queen Mother?” I ain’t say it just look on the website all in white, yellow, red and blue in the forums of law and all…yup. Amazing how people just miss that everytime though she gives out money to certain individuals to keep “heads” under control though. Vicious vice. What a shame…but eh don’t blame me just blame her game and the player who is she.

I know you cyberstalked me,

to the google communities,

way back when,

remember i offered,

to resolved my nonprofit,

into yours as a combine effort,

and remember when you had,

that sign up saying if you had,

lots of money just give it up basically,

and so i thought about it as a business move,

a people of unity like it’s suppose to be,

plus i gave you my resume of strength,

and not for a job ticket,

but you played me out,

cut me off as if you didn’t need help,

laugh about it on the server you own,

had people backing you fully,

now i’m putting you into a clear view,

you still stalking me though,

with your younger homegirl,

named crazysexyfine from L.A.,

and probably dem bustas too,

and that on the under black lesbo,

and oh yeah you tried to put fear in my heart,

with your “respect me!!!” tactic then hanging up,

remember the poster “who shot ya?”

remember the phone conversations we had about you crossing over to being straight again?

Then again you the split personality of that owner,

the pimpette in clear vue,

and everytime i did my own thang,

she thought it was all about her,

so typical of a narcissist,

and a non-unity black female indeed,

said it out loud boastfully…

she you knew my powers,

and my resume so what do you know?!?!

you got a google community and twitter,

around the same time as mine to be exact,

and you had the nerve to add me,

just to later pop up on your website,

to include others types of the same outlet,

strange isn’t it or a coincidence?

great work on the under ms. destee,

all hats tip off to you and your clique,

called the band wagon crew of haters,

the cowards tailored to your demise,

but your a hustler to the fullest,

deep in the underground porn style,

i got that website and your screen name,

straight watched you bucket naked,

but do your female crew knows about it,

you know the almighty Queen Mother,

who is oh so righteous to include the sunday,

sermon visits of a blindman talking lectures,

anybody can get on the video at youtube,

or better yet go visit your people in a nearby cell,

straight near you and on the real they need it…

when the last time you visit the youth locked up,

but you think you invisible and invincible to the tee,

up under your shirt is nothing but skin and flesh,

with no bones attached still they shaking in the closet,

and they got all your loves to the tee…

now that’s love…

geah like an elephant i remember,

all you said and tried to embarrass me,

your avatar of brothers harassed me,

saying things behind my back,

turned the other cheek right in front of my face,

and think i wouldn’t come back not fighting,

just lay down and let you and all you people just hit me up with crazy and insane accusations,

and set me up with your information technology tagging,

when all i wanted to do was just kick it,

as a side guy giving you all the credit,

working for an established organization in unity,

of straight loyalty without pay and i said it too,

the emails in all but you cut me out,

to show out your pride of power to the public,

demonstrating to castrate my manhood,

just like those oppressors,

and to think about it you are one,

paying you to copyright my stuff,

is a straight pimpette or pimp move,

talking about switching signatures,

and that jazz like you transposing,

making rules up as you go along,

my signature remained the same,

as it stated under than dotted line,

Nefertum Husia Shayheh,

those titles were my books,

concerned about ideas and literature,

but oh i’m nothing to yours and never will be,

a true essence of a black female in her olden age,

so you need no-one like me,

and therefore it is no unity,

so either you hated me,

from the beginning,

to see as a threat,

got offensive at an intelligent youngster,

with his head on straight passionate,

about a movement called forward,

but i understood your real payback,

often you asked your crew,

what is he about and his mission,

i told you out there on many posts,

but your attitude of “me me”

and thinking outside the box,

always pinpointing me as an enemy,

had your homegirl backed up,

you know your christian crew,

yeah they all in my business,

had everybody “thinking”

then flip with chess moves,

like a power hungry black female in disguise as if she wanted be…

oh he the enemy but how could i,

when i gave out sound filled solutions,

but oh i’m stupid, insane, crazy,

like who though cause if i remember,

when you compare my actions to your,

television shows and great artist who control,

most of your crew i do the same but on a higher conscious level,

like i said though it was obvious you didn’t give one cent,

about my efforts and literature to include past monies given,

that helped you become a little higher than the last times,

cause i recall you ain’t participating in nothing,

only when nobody ain’t posting nothing,

giving your site stats but as long as,

i’m posting or anybody is and/or giving money,

then we cool and straight but oh wait a minute again…

i gotta pay and that’s the rules of however you word it,

and you make exceptions to whoever you “feel” is on your side,

or let me say addicted to you like those rewards signs,

as if we on the streets hustling for a piece of crack,

or just straight addicted your site wannabe drugdealer please,

though karma comes quicker,

and feel no pity for your lost and soul-less members,

talking about revolution but you leading nowhere,

and don’t have a clue about a culture,

i even gave you secret problem of the internet i knew about years ago,

helping them but who gave me credit?

nobody…oh your crew of females is the bomb huh,


keep pimping and watching dis,

keep sending your crew of females,

of both genders onto dis,

and oh yeah…

where ya love at?

Last of it to the face,


i got none for you,

i knew the truth all along,

it just took me sometime,

to write my songs,

now i’m outer mind we dipping,

keep tripping whois,