Large Droplets

on the real it has been rough and tough rolling down these years many have fallen resting in pieces still missing cousin like two years ago as if her death just occurred yesterday like my great grandmother just died two though she been gone since ninety nine five-ish and i am on six o’clock straighten uplifted breeze out no doubt touching clouds tipping toes off mounds where ants keep marching while in the rains dropping pane from me window sought looks back eyes gaze forward records spinning classic crackling popping as if me and you was riding in the streets again bullet-resistant proof is my existence passing byes hello do not why and high cause and effect keep me cuffed stuck into you though who knew about us foes closer than close sitting prone position precise is tonight best to pull it trigger or rhyme better upon trigonometry non-hesitant metaphysical living busted threw me a curve catching invisibility invincible indivisibility immortal measuring times unspoken one day my suns must come uncut raw heater untouchable spaced continuum league of my owned zippered buttoned buckled belt tightly stars nova comets intersect asteroids regulating above so below lunar olivine gemstones emerald perceptively set-in flushed encircled of gold talisman made sow do not rush up protection pushes back i channeled soulfully invested tremendously dates be hectic as months stack thoughts of processes patiently awaiting now solo after betrayal had me lost loss of trust reaped me night mare stallion of beauty the only one with heart i trust moving forward winds twirl…they curl…empowered higher consciousness twister rapture us around and around from the eye in control go go go go go back to back rounds sum fun finally undone how they thought i could not run fastest nor rain down sung mashing either way we came inspired crafted aspirant of amazement.