Large Droplets

Wishing i had max times,

sustaining slow sines,

every day is night signs,

who dares knocks verse sleet,

slipping up snow blind,

footprints was never theirs,

i keep walking watching dear,

outer mind rind lines kind enough,

inches sunken thrice sleep,

below a state of mind peaks,

falling asleep yawning prayer,

softly touches gently bind,

notes on repeat hitting highs,

sub tiles stepping younger,

though sipped carefully,

after popped open as ankh’s wine,

written tau across my heart beating,

apples of love satisfying hunger,

can me fly with you dove?

Or flock intelligent wings of like,

eyes droopy head back neck hold up,

this one fore you eyelashes,

and my two roses sweet of musk,

always waiting on my body,

together pictured on our bed,

lying loved hugging our pillow.