Little bit about Book of Unknown

My tribal need to form anew apart from many religions in my own expression to wearing fashion perceptively for the female and male that was going to me as Emperor and her as Empress then follow down suited as King and Queen, Prince and Princess. Each title is only a position and not used as egotism, though a Chess move in life for the tribe not of bad pride but of great accomplishment of good pride of the whole you see? Being balanced you see.

Colors are associated with birth-rite by the clock of destiny the mehurt perceived of…along with that is a language we created to each other to be spoken sung and written drawn as symbolic. So in other words, we communicate of songs with “pitches and tones” only known to us as the tribe and we have no words but only symbolism designed into our fashion perceptively with reasoned symmetry showing pages of our story as books walking you see. No need to speak to you as the tongue can kill or heal so why not heal with “pitches and tones” according to trigonometry to the ears keeping air cleaner thus yielding better relationships more in tune with your other five extrasensories. Yes. It took me years to find myself at this point even though i had the pieces while as a child thumping softer in me but yet “the understanding” didn’t hit me until i found out death is indeed foul on the surface and deeper of peace below life of higher above….just a brief preview and i designed a Tri Ba Model and more to survive modern yet on our own land as homestead. I thank the tribes i met far and near in person to their pictures on every medium and to my blood pumping with intelligence known to me but to you soul friend it is–Book of Unknown.