Past, Present and Future

After looking back on my diaries and finishing up my last one today, I realized life is a mysterious subjectively until you look out to view it objectively. I should have turned my diaries and many more of past occurrences into an autobiography but this is okay. I can delete all the rest as i travel futuristically in time like Mercury full speed ahead (laughing to myself)! I am only into the money exchange of my ideas written to be used as a tool fuel my true ambition, and to share who i am and not what other authors write me out to be. You get enough of the stereotypes worldwide of how the governments, which are people by way like me and you, rearrange to their specifics using propaganda in all sorts of ways. I traveled the whole entire planet for a reason and everything i do for now on is reasoned. I have been rich. I have middle-class. I have been poor. I have been homeless. I have been religious without culture. I once didn’t know myself. I have participated in all cultures whether it was in their specific niche elsewhere, coming from their hearts of words, on their home-turf, and found out i had none to participate in that i felt and knew to be mine like from deep within. Even African culture is split in many ways tribal to the Europeans to the Asians to the Latinos and all i ever wanted was that one original female who understood me as her to fuel our own destiny apart from others; our tribe. Knowing how fast my life revolves she was and were going to be indefinitely my grounding point. And I when i mean fast i don’t mean a lifestyle but how i pick-up on signals to move from one point to the point next like in geometry. My grand plan was to always get that land and provide myself food, water and shelter with a business to last…i cannot deny that and neither will anyone in their right mindfulness. I understand the tribal woman very well and even when i was a kid i knew her deep within without any photos of her and books i never read until i grew up. Every original man have said to me after conversation all over the world is this basically “you looking for her in Africa…you looking for your Queen and it’s written all over you in plain sight…”. I try to cover it up when meeting females or met females in the past cause i don’t even mingle with females anymore as i am more focused on the future while in the present. Those females i met even came up truthful by saying it themselves just to walk off after playing games though females playing games of all ages is the same as all nature of female species…if they don’t feel and see they are attraction then they will get your attention to find out if you are the one. So imagine a female is looking for her one while the male is looking for his one as both sit there thinking the same just to end up leaving thinking i need to find the one for me. Think about that…especially given my dream which is reality really on-going and most simplest form of family the tribe of two as one forever doing our thang and i can either tell her or she can feel my dream just to leave me with a thought that “oh by the way my trap i designed to capture love was not for you even though you dream and follow-up with hard work well, still you belong to somebody else or you looking for a strong woman or you looking for somebody i cannot be and etc.” then you look at them as the most important and faithful symbol of all your life and see indeed it is them but they playing themselves into a game called ring-around-the-rosy. You feel lost cause those same females are going to go outside and spill this untrue myth of how this and that. It is like they thrive off of gossip as the gospel of word then flipping the script on sunday or whatever day and night they be worshipping gods and goddesses as idols. After that then they worship themselves totally beyond imagination can even dream and have the nerve to say real men and all this other stuff that don’t make any sense and you can’t control them no matter what they be saying to you of how to control them or get along with them or be equal…it is total insanity starting off as crazy the epitome of love and war called Venus. I will never know what love is and never fully understand peace without war but i can understand “no-thing”. I can be wealthy and live as my own peace dwindling down to no-thing. I can do that honestly. And to add onto finding your own love…well i found my definition of it called soulship. Yep, soulship. Soulship is different from friendship cause friends come and go but the soulship stays as you are everywhere regardless. I had a couple best friends come and go to friends come and go…and i mean original females you know what i mean? Nothing personal or business about the terms, it is just we already know each other like an universe ago or one verse cause we are that song as one and i don’t think, well, i know the world will never change the universe as the world is but a planet out of many and beyond that is other galaxies never seen before and this is not that famous show back in the eighties and nineties. I miss the original female for me who always made the days seem so happy and she i did work and knew us and protected each other…yes those memories of D.C. is coming back and United Kingdom. I do not yearn for her anymore cause she has not left me like a friend you see? I take my ship traveling soul with her continuously and her pictures stay with me as inspiration and encouragement to aspire what we can never do together in the physical as one though in the soul i feel her everywhere i go and i swear it i will have a place for her when i’m gone physically on earth called BLAQ ROSE she can always visited and even stay; she will know BLAQ ROSE were constructed for her specifically to cater all her needs and wants forever. And I don’t like colors to interpret me and so, i came up with my symbolism “B” stands for her breasts who nurtures my mindset power, growth, creation, aspiration to be above earthly measures below; “L” stands for the upright of intelligence balanced; “A” stands for the shine out the eye across the horizons; “Q” stands for life is a full circle and out of the full circle we come out full of life on course unknown and known.

My ambitions will be made clear as i write them of art futuristically and some people ask how can you write ahead of time? Well if the past is behind you while one stand in the present then what else is in front of you? Ah yes…write who you are and fore me it is not of and for the fame. See me and night mare have an intensified mission and since people do not trust each other to be overall peaceful as wisdom sets-in deeper…then we must ride into the darkness where even fear won’t go to seek its destiny–past, present and future.