Currency to Intensify your Purpose

How do you learn from your mistakes? Respect your struggle. Done watched the rich styles and infamous on television to having those six figures in my hand once upon a time. People change when that paper ink is set in your hand. The people you around tell you you got’ta be on another level. The rich who didn’t knew you smells you from afar and it’s like a special sense of intelligence they acquire. Being in the middle just means you are balanced within society’s measure though stuck as the real burden bearers until you reach rock bottom or rich. The rock bottom is like this…every man and woman is for themselves; though you may play unity but really in reality you all rats. Homelessness is a state of condition within being poor though in a class of its own. Reason being you can be poor with a home barely making ends meet though a homeless person have none of that. I mean when i got swindled on multiple levels of the game called life minding my own business and being naive with my trust into alot of peoples hands, to include my own family, even though i was pursuing my degree, still is, to finish one of my goals in life while trying to be an entrepreneur, my energy had dwindled down to nothing leaving me open after expressing my concerns of difference. My expression concerning my difference of the world each time left me thinking even more…and more. All of my expressions rung louder when i went homeless without no shelter for the first out of two times in my life. Many decisions and choices left me with an impression of never trust nobody that your soul cannot feel. For me, i have always been stuck in the play of colors called black and white. You know they war continuously against each other then i discovered they were actually nationalities though under countries and continents too! And there is the cosmology order to go along with it also, though if you ask the right person versus wrong person you may be able to get a correct answer. I think I have enough knowledge for myself and wisdom from my own life to include from elders to be just by myself with currency to intensify my own purpose. I will never know what any country true purpose is to include every human being but when i walk my path through them all i know for certain of where i am going. I love nature and fate is behind me always on the look out of when i am sleeping so i would never want and need a companion. I will never need and want a companion to follow me holding hands as when it is my time to go then no burden is seen to be imaged and felt. She will never get that chance to see me die and feel my pain recollecting on the memories nope. I have that choice and decision to make for her by allowing me to be free just as she deserves to be free from it all too. Why be apart of my death when you can be apart of your life? This of course would make or prompt anybody’s selfishness to relax away from selflessness just a tad to be balanced. We all network regardless of business. Every single moment you are reborn. No-one says you are torn until those tears drop…one by one dripping helplessly. I been there. I been there when i could not help myself stranded in the dark watching others more helplessly than i. Being homeless allows you to see the lost souls who fell purposely and some did not know a bottom yet many kept trying to survive without help from no directions….I can still see myself now huddled up the five of us along that Chula Vista sidewalk in front of the abandoned store. I was the only one darker than dark and young too, while everybody else was older except a young hispanic who was about four years younger than me. We use to all take our shoes off so nobody would steal them off our feet as the night rolled by. You could hear the beeps, tires’ traction, smell the fresh gaseous exhaust fumes, and i was never sleep totally. I truly felt for the first time in my life invisible though being African dash American i guess made me even more visible among alot of people. This is one thing i learned about being a moth and a butterfly…no matter where you go you will never be safe from the lights, eyes, the pursuit of being chased whether it is smiles or frowns upon their faces, though know you have to remember where you came from in order to rest in a peaceful place away from everything. When that time comes around and everything is calm then you go wings! You take off…and never go back unless beauty smells right to you and not of they say you see. I never listen to anyone voice. I can smell to see and sea to feel. I have my own voice who demands attention above all else. Which yields a boundary between our spaces as i respect yours no doubt unlike mine so the feeling is mutual. Currency is perceptive. Intensification is my thriving altitude. Purpose is my lifetime objective.