Let me be a legend,
spiritual folk of all art kind,
formless in such with much more in due time,
working overtime as nome again,
tilling plots sowing seeds of happiness,
my overall eco-friendly plan at hand,
my mission is pretty simple,
keep reaching until the covers pull over,
the curtains drop…
all eyes off the coward,
remaining true so sober,
though drunken behavior behaves out of me like a King Cobra,
sine language when eye musekhet,
i’m stealing third base cause it’s closer,
period do you hear me?
Era is my way,
i’m getting closer…
fourth state of mind is the deepest,
like a gulfstream wind chill through hell’s kitchen,
i felt everything when i came over,
as soul is light but to you…
i am seven letters arched tatted,
onto my hills and valleys of my stomach.