I got my artifacts locked-in,
pen, pad, ink, emotion writes,
my behaviors of highest and deepest,
the exact rituals of infusion,
everyday and everynight,
from perception mounts,
tremendously massive triumphant amounts too,
after mourning before the sunrise,
i called it precisely and came up without a worry,
empowered invisibly radioactive occurring habitually,
producing a culture of symmetric designs,
symbolism of like-minded progression beating braver,
of all hearts putting in work getting stronger pumped up,
vigorously prepared technically proficient enticed out your hangar,
i got my artifacts locked-inn,
the door represents the otherside,
another journey unknown will begin,
could be my destiny or fate concocted,
let me guard up with intensity,
as time don’t wait coming down like the hammer,
my hunger is the trigonometric vision outer mind rhythm,
pen pad inks emotion writing my projects of difference,
eyes said wave your hands in the air higher,
from being held-in too long disappearing,
sow hold my mine up mathematically suns,
reaping moonlight forever cause tonight is the night i’m dipping….