Then winds blow stories,
my heart beat battles,
my muscles clinches fight,
my tissue stay dry,
as there is no tears to be shed,
me and the three queens keep stompin’
they say never be a pheasant,
i can’t survive how they appraise me ends,
and never cry a river when hard times,
becomes a desert sow the escape,
is concise metamorph into a roadrunner,
a road model to the hundred percent,
until flight gives me high eternally switches get hit,
all sixteen on up and it’s time to ride figures,
back to back with my shadow homie never tell,
why i went missing…
it was written i had a soul devised immortal indivisible,
come find me and life at the butterfly garden live,
hugged up and kissing,
i needed my love unconditional,
so i galloped for love relentless.