From the elusive morning star,

through the biosphere,

in motion inner formation,

throughout the skies,

i came thundering,

whilst with the speed,

about five suns compressed,

into one hue strike,

heat you up quicker,

enlighten you fastest,

circulating no beginning,

nor ending feel me breath huffing,

on top of the waters treading reflectively,

conducting me fiery electricity,

everywhere as it is written,

from the acts of scripts you playing my,

mythical platoons tune led by the liter of guts,

drinking my leadership of me epitomes daily sown nightly,

glowing on my intuition you can see my seven letters clique,

and then click up by the degree giving up what you got,

i need knots of jute skipping two feet om flowing my ebony flute,

tied in deeper eccentrically beautified of real love’s soul,

from the evening star through your biosphere,

in motion inner formation my roses stand-up,

you cannot survive one minute of hatred,

surrounded by sweetness and musk,

throughout the skies i came out spoken thunder,

they call me five below,

representing five above,

the oneness breathing strive,

keep galloping lovely night mare,

while l leave petals behind as we mash,

but we will never invite foes,

follow at your own discourse,

cause this is it live from universal soul.