Knowledge into Spiritual Essence

Uses languages and every language is tied up within each other unless there is no written form used only with pitches of sounds like the owls of birds and so on. If you have a language dictionary of any language then you have all you need to repeat back what any teacher says though transitioning that same knowledge into a viable source spiritual essence is another thing. So degrees in any college does not make me a better person? Well not for me though through society’s eyes yes! As a matter of fact, they thrive off of your collegiate experience which is describe as intelligence, military background which is describe as brawn, religion which is interpreted as your personal faith or the heart, culture which determines your status, and sexuality which determines your overall economic pursuit, love, beauty and -gamy. Now all of this is really your rites of passage to be seen equal to them but what about your own rites of passage to be seen equal as you? I have thought about that and still continue it. I have been going through my own rites of passage of not manhood as there is no such thing to me though maybe to others. Men are born within the seed just as the women to grow and all other properties are included. My growth is vertical and horizontal. I am going through my own rites of passage of Oneness. I do not need a gang of no kind nor tribe of no kind to make me one and all is perceptive you see. Anything combine together can be considered a synonym of anything to include cult, sect, kingdom, empire, military, gang, counsel, council, tribe and so on. I rather take my strengths to evolve higher and deeper if that makes any sense. Mastering mind of myself rather than people if that clicks on any light bulbs. Think about arts for a second right? Considering I am writing and speaking in the form of english language then literary arts would be a start. First I start personal though if I were to get into my past really personal then an autobiography would come out and so will the super painful memories over the joyous times seriously yet i had many serene moments that carried me into those happy memoirs like a bridge as a bridge is still and awaits for the burden to cross over, though you cannot if the burden weighs too greatly as peace will break in half or just remain while you fall though. So my past remains dusted not mistaken for alienation yet the further away i go eventually a memory of significance deteriorates into insignificance focused on what is in front of you and the might of your orbit plus speed of enlightenment to the power of knowing there is no ending so continuum will take you on that ride from no beginning. My physical birth was only a point in time but can i recollect those past memories before the birth without foresight? Yes. Have you been here before? Yes. Say…you metamorph out of the last stage into another new stage evolving to volute furthering your revolution of equality within disregard to normal circumstantial rules and regulations following your heart then maybe soul can be acquired. Then your spirituality definition rises higher and higher while sinking deeper and deeper. I rather be lightning every eighty eight days (which is my full year out of three hundred sixty six days of earth) striking earth out the skies thought first let me penetrate the waters putting out literary arts of intellect and feelings from within me inner expression times four seasons with a remainder of thirteen days gives me room to get into my performing arts every earthly year. My knowledge into spiritual essence is like a vacuum of art i am mastering mind one day at a time across the horizon while climbing degree by degree of intensity’s altitude vertically.