What is love? What is original? Who Am I?

Love to me is an aspect beyond physical. Emotionally love is undefined. Soul is my love. Relationship with a hue-man being of the opposite? Do not think so. Having been in a relationship with a female of any is enough to stand back for myself and feel myself of how i am feeling. I felt that mysteriousness and understood her…i have actually understood her since i knew my first kiss that was a european female in kindergarten actually; affection and understanding of beauty without even knowing what the term racism meant. She was actually the town mayor daughter, well one of them.  Then i knew from another female of african descent wondering why i did not pay attention to her and that was a couple years later. It is the features of artistic picture i envision to be with me forever and not saying one female of this and that is better or most but if we all come from Africa then all is African. Where i go higher is no nationality at all and no-body at all. The reason for this is because after i have seen all i can see from being a thirty-one year old, indeed, emotion attracts the opposite. Personally, i do not approve or like or love fighting…it is just not my style though if “we act” like a “play” but not of seriousness then we have to be on the same conscious sheet of music you see what i am saying? Now in this aspect is where you get into my love called undefined cause you can never say “oh i did this and that” and vice versa as we participated in the same venue of fun, laughter, anxiety, intensity, compassion, passion and so forth. No one gets harmed when you are “truly connected”. Some are motivated by just being powerful and other aspects of their lives unknown and do i want the answers to all those heads who choose one man over this one and one woman over that one? Nope. I think and know and feel and analyzed while being still among many people across the globe observing peace vs war vs love vs hatred that if governmental laws, family traditions, and own self-awakening were to shake up the founding institution of love, original and who you are then indeed peace can be won. I have seen couples of homeless to richest despite cosmology order given but i will not be here when the wrath happens or i will not stay here with all the racket cause i got balls to leave it all whether fate or destiny. Everything is no-thing to me as i get closer to another rebirth from thought of being absolute focused. Even though history and herstory will always remain the same but changed up, yet you cannot help to wonder when can you jump out of how they wrote you as the character with the pen and pad and ink in yourself into your own timeline. I must admit to me having that one special original female like back in D.C. and U.K. would be great if we can just be ourselves you know just doing what we love and i love arts which is mathematics and science combined together; but she never have the time so in turn neither do I. Weird is it not? Go back to Africa and find her? Imagine that situation again like over in America or over there in United Kingdom though over there Canada too and many other places. It would be nice to just write books of plays, books of poetry, books of us as the truth which is nonfiction in the present and fiction which is the future so when we arrive in the future it turns into nonfiction; they call them novels. It would be nice to write epics, ballads, myths, legends and folktales together but she never has the time to do it but work for someone else. It would be nice to do all the arts we can as our timeline together cause after all art defines a culture. So in other words we just do all arts together yet i like mathematics and science on a spiritual level and let the hue-man level of it or mundane remain for out of space programs and theories of how light of speed can be matched even though no ship or vehicle can possible start at the point of which light is originated to be precise and concise to the destination they call earth and as a matter there are other galaxies out there so how does the sun gets it light source and stars? No scientist or any other branch will figure it out and that is known as the All called the Universe will remain a large bit of unknown though we can try to mimick with television and light bulbs then put together a group of people called an association and the likes to form a body of ideas called a composition and let the master mind be head to summarized whatever they sign into law perceptively across all educational borders to be true without your acknowledgement and even if you do how do you stop it? The agreement or bond from becoming true over all people and for the people, in their best interest? Simply partake in it not and act as if they don’t exist, which is the same considering in their eyes too but taken in driven political way. That is there loves of how they originate who am i so i come out from within to originate who am i of my loves. Yes she that is African, well, original who produced kind then again maybe stranded on the continent called Africa or should we say black or how does it go when they histories and herstories are constantly being rewritten from here to over there? Do i care? Yes. Do i care more about me versus how i can change them? Yes. Will the world ever change? Not my concern as it is too broad so i narrow down to my focus and my is love of what is original based on who i am, despite of how they portray me to be who i am not and not knotted to theirs either. There is tribal love and other loves…but i dare not hold on to lost love that is no longer there. I got that hint and deep down burning feeling just as that female author about about a little bird in a cage who cries except for i unlocked my ownself out and flew free. If we cannot get along with you treating me like pet and fantasy as if our lives can be replaced at any moment then let my worth be priceless as the reminder of my emptiness sets-in your heart for life. And yes i bet you love will never be defined by any female though only placed as a value and a male will do the same referring by to politics and lovey dovey sparks as if the first kiss is the lifetime of a fantasy. Not downing or haterism but i have been there myself and decided no more illusions moon and venus who is two-faced as i rather be mercury ablaze taking my time in secrecy to develop my gift and talents while using discernment and discrimination as that non-typical gemini unlike what people read you see. Know thyself and read your own birthchart with intuition and following your heart of prophecy to see where destiny takes you but eh, do not forget wisdom! So soul friend what is love to you? Soul friend what is original by definition of your mindset? And who Am I? Just tiny bits of pieces of mystery as no-one cannot be known fully not ever though known by there present to futuristic actions and sufficient evidence humanly proves that not to mention females with secrets as deep as the oceans and seas combined (vice versa with men too). Be yourself and stay true!