By Myself

I can’t blame no-one after awakening,

putting in work to the fullest by myself,

and fore myself without being a domestic threat,

a small business being with a vision out from within inner-self,

to the depths they gone always try to take me out under stealth,

so i keep aware all ways paying attention watching the signs of symbolism,

beyond the known is a tree standing vertical,

i must go where i never went before too,

outer sights busting through atmospheres,

layer after layer burning to the touch another galaxy,

hands be on my feet pulling me down,

but remember you disowned me with oppression and depression,

of all colors and hue-man beings itching to stomp me out,

real talking i got’ta sow what goes around comes around,

reaping my last stand higher by unknown laws,

down into my own roots compounded of om sound,

and don’t reach for your weapon to shoot me down,

i did nothing to you but be my own self out the depths,

why you wanna kill me just to be supergirl and superboy absolute?

I know it is your culture involvement keeping you on-going with your news,

ricochet echo me back my voice written as non-bullets though as encouragement to my own heart cause it’s like that…

winds it’s just me by myself.