30 Reasons Why I Have No Economy (next book coming before “My Blueprints”)

This book just came out of me from within to show appreciation and share ideas with like-minds individuals and to the authors from other books. This is also a self-help book for individuals like myself who needs to be them like the real them I as Me type people. See I use to be like my symbolism within was the female of African-land. Everywhere i went she was there until i started to recognized all the -isms, the past memories, wisdom, the future as prophecy, what i am seeing now and what i was taught is not who she is now and will never be as change is inevitable. Can i change her to affix onto my crest of symbolism as my culture? Nope. To tell you the truth, I am really going backwards in my journey though forward if you catch this right, i’m using sciences and math as a from the beginning level to see the finale even past my physical death, get me now?? Okay Space…there is space without any other everything on it to include naming conventions right. I’m not an African anymore, nor an American, or an Asian, neither an European and Latino now if space without calligraphy, thought, emotion and any form of everything right? Now once i configure my thoughts…i create who i am and not on a mass scale to have followers and see that is the trick of it all see, while in your galaxy creating always remember there is another one already established and rotating with their laws and so forth. Why? See i don’t want to create another religion cause it is myself though not that word and more on the wording in english called faith. Now for the sake during sub-conscious building being in touch with everyone on their levels of communication is vital. You don’t want to seem strange and remember there are prejudices in place plus stereotypes plus documentation as facts who opinions are ratified by common association as so said it is truth so help them of their god or goddess. Truly it is a game called the age of empires but how you get out of the game of monopoly and rule is just become yourself and remember earthquakes can happen anywhere and you won’t live long so remember the underground is an excellent place to kick it in peace when above on the surface war are faces deep steep with epitomes and dire trinities. So the number one reason why i have no culture is SPACE, which inhabits LAND (which provides culture its every tool to flourish into an economy). Without it land, i cannot grow my own cotton and just materials needed to survive seasons along with my clothing design. I need animals and love them also!! And i definitely love the plants and insects to a degree with the insects though. Reason being with all kingdoms on the land is that my culture is actually Utopia or my iconography coming soon in the makings. And see this is the real Venus aspect of a culture to me and when i got super in touch with the feminine side of the brain i was like wait a minute i am a female too so i can birth my culture and what would make a female stay at home twenty four seven? Her land! If she got everything to do to make up of, cook a storm up, walk around for days and nights without boredom and just “feel” her art of love and beauty then how in the world could she not be proud of herself outer as inner? See i think and feel like that when it comes to culture. Out of culture comes business helping to develop an economy from the initial culture and this requires once again what??? SPACE!!! What can love and beauty with intellect do with 500 to 1000 acres(or 100 acres at least) of SPACE?!?!? I think you get the picture…Note: the reason why a opposite gender in physical form would not be in my equation is because marriage would be another path of a culture requiring birthing children though there is another example too. The female and male as just two dominant people without any sexual relationship, purely built on business and economics as a team. In these days of time to find two individuals with no children, let alone with children, staying under one roof is hard to find not saying i am looking cause i know the deal as wisdom teaches more with prophetic mindset; non-religious too. So for me, yes SPACE is a must cause once again without SPACE you have no ace or aces in this game. You can’t even feed yourself from season to season like you supposed too and trust me i am working on it dearly from every which of direction with the gifts and talents i got. Art is so wonderful i tell you. I need my wood now. Next!