By Myself

How it feels to be lonely wise being?
It felt like bass pounding rib bones,
as the snake kick ear drums styled snare,
me grooving guarded up vigilantly knowing,
fear is around the corners of my eyes,
i deeply inhale it smelling endangered,
with one hand on the steering wheel,
left eye slightly asleep eyelashes curled,
so much beauty and love out my eyes finally,
straight emotionless eyebrows set straighten,
smooth skin cocoa raw butter fresh melts stuck-on,
lips pinkish tint smokey blushes puffy trenches,
spanning left to right writing capacities fulfillment,
at about ten miles an hour rolling creeply creeked-in,
then she comes like a ghost in my mind,
telling me how she going to dominate me totally,
along with him smiling with his hand behind her back,
and her female companion mean mugging harder other hand on her ass,
finally they brother stepping up with the weapon concoct,
pointing open ended barrel darker than night and they pulled,
the trigger together as the projectile came quickly fastened swifter,
i blinked exhaling stress as those clouds faded into a mist,
dropping all pings metals who be twisting my mixes,
dipping a hundred percent out the craziness and madness,
into an uni verse lines compacted mind of myself mastered,
they can’t fade me even if all odds were the enemy,
still by myself to the end even if walls are sky high,
i will transform into the cornsnake cocooning when tired butterflying soaring higher,
up ahead i’m about home….