By Myself

I grew up strangely uncuffed,
my roots dug deeper into the rugged rough,
stemming out intelligence,
receiving information data conceived,
representing the metaphysical nest,
clinching my birth froggy style,
between elemental planes sitting still,
watching the fireflies roaming across eyes bye-bye,
turn the sounds down and stay uplifted,
acapella my voice reverb to bulletproof my precision,
just to hit you right back so unpause me heartbeat tactic intact,
alive once again as life is truly air,
in this physical form right foot to the gas pedal gradually,
free styling and you ain’t well so there are no deep tale emotional telling,
up ahead i got my roses uplifted waving cause we bailing,
all leaves up in the air greener than our last times,
resurrection is the finest smell without comparison we sigh,
contrasting my residence we rebellion as we felt heaven sent,
keep lusting on the facts that we back to back loved-in together,
throughout all weathers we multiply and keep coming back relentless,
five petals grow out to grow up bottom down from your south,
predisposition from the north by myself as One,
sticking to my spiritual etymological script as honey bees swarming style,
stinging trespassers even past my death,
as ebon and yellow sunny shines i’m coming up by myself….