By Myself

I be starving sometimes,
for another taste of soulfulness,
knowing my dreams brought,
more revelation to be kept,
perhaps if the past wasn’t so crazy,
then maybe i would be happier,
in today times but i fight they changes,
to fuel my own changes from within,
as they go on too fast on they courses,
while i stay on-course sitting on top,
of night mare straight focused,
like the moon glow shining in the nights,
the further prophecy can pierce thoroughly illuminating might,
on the other end i see myself smiling fleshless,
like before once upon ah time,
when me heartbeat went flatline,
deep inside i was so glad to be relieved,
from all the constant pressures coming from which and why,
unable to grasp how when what paused staring at me as death for lunch…
and when that last dinner came i arose once again before i ate,
just to shed tears cause they reality was unreal again,
i wanted to go back but denied the right to enter my heaven,
soaked up the rivers flowing seas of censored discretion,
before my heat is steamed evaporation,
i will to express myself absolutely without they defeat,
as it is just me and myself,
my spirit and soul to the depths,
and i know you know it’s just me by myself….