By Myself

The only way is up,

where the stars never lie,

from point to points we swerving,

yet under the influence of mental control,

patrolling my whys stop blink advance one more climb,

turn all maps around seeking reason without numbers,

among nature there is no mathematics,

the tree has no number,

it was taught to me vertical could be one,

art my timeline without his story,

composed of self institution established,

geometry rides trigonometric solutions,

i am saying not in their truth,

but just an expression through this here language,

got my own coming up but then again it will not be spoken,

a logogram undecipherable,

only the real who feels me will be touched,

your powers have to be ether way above lower means uncut,

cut the chains of everything being mastered over my mind,

it is a beautiful swing so hold on winnings,

losing was never apart of my design from the beginning,

two woodsmen as a female and a male,

i remember everything you spoke,

you appeared to me when my eyelids met eyelashes kissed,

just like yesterday as we walked through the forest,

before then i was cutting down trees,

saw in hand looking to make everything happen,

from tools to be carved as wooden symbols,

game boards of anew attractions equipped with pieces,

still and sudden bodies started to breeze through,

must be mind entered inner world of a who would have ever knew,

like before i was saying you appeared true,

asking me how did i arrive,

which way i came,

you was solemn and caring in fact,

brushed with a smile as we talked about species of plants,

sun quickly started to set,

we felt differently endeavored to move on out of known respect,

voices swiftly ran out,

as well as bodies before my eyes disappeared,

you looked at me and asked which way is out of here,

so i pointed back to the cuts,

through the thick brushing of tall dead grass,

brown and golden among a forest so sparse plus thick,

you led forward with two silky shiny ponytails,

hair dark as night i must admit,

prettiest brown skin so smooth,

native american you were,

serious enough as we walked faster,

the grounds wanted to capture us,

you felt the same too,

while looking at my body lifting my knees up more and more,

through an open narrow straight path of dead stickily brush,

feeling the swipes across my legs,

but no blood and i was glad,

looked up at you as the vision got it got it got,

got wider morphing colors absorbing one another,

though very interesting how you appear with a shovel,

swinging from end to end in circles,

cutting everything down trying to capture us,

which was the unknown and before i awoke,

the most important second saying yet by a different guide this time,

said “never tell your secret keep the key at all times”,

while i looked down again dusk grew most urgent,

i looked up at you and you said go!!!