Tell me…

He is in a higher ranking position,

thinking he is better,

got the ear of the ladies,

giving money out like an atm,

so she is happy to the heart,

a fantasy of the trick and player,

game on suited in layers,

everybody hungry for the cash,

everybody out for themselves,

if you make it to the top,

then they forget about your struggle,

give me more money and entertainment,

we hook on the fascination of a savior,

leaving the rest in the darkness,

and she don’t care either,

as one player became god,

housing all the hoes and bitches,

was once humble ladies and Queens,

selling out to be all eyes on green,

i rather be by myself balanced,

focusing on the intensity of my life,

using the riches to bring a better humanity,

while others caught-up shooting each other,

sexing on the go plus ain’t worried about the kids,

so tell me shadow what being black is like…