Tell me…

I can be a great politician,

telling you to gathered,

for my common cause,

of destruction,

with the mothers of power,

every hour by hour,

i roll phat on chrome,

perceive as gold,

clean press in my suit,

living life on top of you,

i am a savior,

regardless of my killing,

i do it perceptively,

talking bad about you,

while you talk great about me,

oppression over depression,

is how black like it,

straight dark too ignorant,

hoes and bitches,

mad trapping drug dealers,

even though the dope in my hands,

came from another man,

still i got to keep killing you,

to include the whole community,

and she loves it as long you money,

yet run out of currency,

then get kicked to the side,

with her legs open wide,

super religious on the under,

go to church play saint for a second,

come back on monday as the living hell,

smiling at me…

so tell me what being black is like…