How to get out of Oppression (for myself)

Oppression actually stems from the mother if you think about it to see it clearly enough. She teaches, well, give you her spirituality from conception of those 9 months then teaches you who you are of either how society views you or of how she views you, then again how the higher powers view you. All three of these paths takes different courses on its own in life and you are set forth on one to crossover into all or then again arrive at the crossroads of contemplation. Okay, the world knows a mother has the almighty power of economics, business and culture right? Without a mother to birth with or without semen, there is no hue-man race, so all in all there must be mothers of war and peace in order for this massive on-going mundane called oppression to exist. Yet there are mothers who are balanced and many other levels of mothers in between war and peace to include a subset called rich and poor. So let us take spiritual chess into consideration here for a moment, if you know you need to divide and conquer then who do you go to first? Who got the most power? That is right without even saying it…this does not include me into the feminism category either and i will tell you why in another section of my book called “Oppression of All: The Real Spiritual War on Soul” i am collaborating with a great soul friend of mine from back in the day. I will never downplay any female though some are unaware of what is really on-going cause if your focus is not an Utopia and actually out here as a soul unit together then something is entirely wrong you know. When you get labeled at birth or during your conceptive period down the birth canal being shaped and molded, you vibrate to those underlying powers of words as spoken language from a written language and let me go twice as fast too future in this…when you are labeled you are just entered inside an scientific experiment to be a constant or variable if you get my drift or see a little bit higher on top of the tree like a hawk if you will. I did not know i was black, a nigger, a negro, an african, an native american, a whatever until it got introduced to me you see. The other hue-man beings who were babies born around the same times as me probably did not know either…yet their mothers and fathers did based on what they were taught and the dna goes backwards from there. Shortening it up…i got out of oppression by turning off everything like a light switch; hit the light. What is there? No-thing. Hit the light again! What is there? Everything. Why am i then labeled, stereotyped and all other combinatric of chaos theorem languages we speak that are written supposedly holy yet used to divided and conquer spiritually from yourself first then as generations to come only to be recognized during my journey that i am everything meaning uni-verse-al and no-thing which is peace and freedom? Those who know versus do not all play apart of perceptions, which even a balanced mindset can see this as each and every last one of us thinks a bit different or see the picture from one aspect as one extreme views its truth as soul and the other and so on from block to block from corporate to corporate but how you get out of it…the oppression of all people is to just be yourself. Master Mind…yours…to see everybody else mindset and when you find a point to connect a dot of peace and freedom then hold-on to that to keep building off of that like a pattern Mercury or Venus if you picture it so and trust me your life will go better and best without a worry. Everything is not what you think yet it is all about what all thinks to live in peace. See over in Europe they war, battle, fight between each other, Asia is the same, Africa, Americas and so on while some proclaim to be industrial looking down upon the people who are tribal and alike as aliens and troubled people due to misinterpret lifestyles as the mindset of the rich and famous versus how they view you as the lost and ignorant bound to come back and visit your roots when you need help spiritually we got all the power in our hands deep within the jungles and woods outcast in the outskirts away from troubled humanity falling gradually though we are humble is how they picture themselves probably if you can see more angles being uncovered. So imagine being a savior for a sect of people or tribe of people when there is an outer part of the particular people who are unfavorable to your actions not knowing on the whole outer aspect of those particular people divided and conquer without knowing due to spiritual chess from beyond is controlling these or bullseye type of economies. Imagine being an angel among devils…it is suicide and setup that way to instill fear into the hearts of all whoever tries to uplift a group of people quickly they strike down or let the environmental influences already shaped for them to slowly killed them off one by one. Is there a great side to it all? Yes be yourself and not a label to include a nationality, colorism, gender, racism and religion which is the biggest of them all. Imagine all denominations of christainity were to fall down and become one? Imagine all others too unifying without prejudice, colorism, race but still stuck into the oppression of their faith bound to war but can you peace this like interdependency of religions? You could yes but what are the chance of that happening if you do not remember the past plus do not see who is behind the spiritual chess? Oh i know get rid of everything that is not religions or religious based on that particular faith or religion which in itself will start to cross over the boundaries of others therefore keeping the children as infantrymen and women stuck in a cyclic of birth and death of what again? Oppression. Like i said in the beginning or mentioned in the beginning it is a variable and constant already setup though if you become one with yourself meaning knowing thyself then you can really be a protector slash nurturer. And so these were the words or thoughts coming to me in the unconscious as the higher powers were speaking but check this out too…you still have to know every angle of what is being received to not be naive and definitely know the psychologies out there which have been set in place cause if everything were as normal by the psychologies of the world versus your intuition then most of everybody will be on psych drugs or any pill for that matter over mind, more prisons would be built and overflowed as the criminology goes hand in hand with earthly psychology if you did not get the picture so as too law of the lands whether it is religious, natural, positive, or anything of that matter of law from hue-man beings with the same power as holymen and women using the same pen to govern you and i as total dictatorship regardless of the peace at hand undisturbed if all is calm and content without true barter then again would it be great to just wake up in the morning a be depressed perceptively from any state of mind knowing i got the power to wake myself up and walk outside to feed myself loving the birdie song without having to be doctrine to pray when i give thanks silently…i smile and express myself of thanks for everything plus keep the air much much more cleaner and have no will to be an egotism with words and languages that really means everything versus no-thing. Night and Day is perceptive so as to one and zero considering once upon ah time i use to be under the influence of oppression.

Art is art but when art becomes a form of treachery or just subtle means of words from letters started at a pen stroke with ink called indigo from a plant merging with a tree though all of these are just artistic theories of explanations of how someone else thought pattern derived from there deciphered intelligence oppose to what you see. I saw oppression for myself and keeps my guard up now until i get to the land where it is peacefully set for me like cobras on land and water i stay patrolling for my meal and watching my back though not being greedy about my ends but rather knowing the territory of which i am occupying at that time without strife i have to defend myself versus the unknown who attempts to capture me not with checkers but with spiritual chess. Oppression is perceptive at its best. I rather be soulfully spirited than labeled an experiment knot knowing i were and was a variable and or constant. I am even considering changing my status on my identification cards as “other”. If it is not universal on it then i do not need it plus Jesus Yashua or whatever the naming convention of the famous man or spirit or god or God or Sun or Son never even claimed to be a Christian or acknowledge it or spoke of it and you know why? He/She was soulfully spirited in my truth and i’m not even religious and caught on to that but you got mindsets following a word which is a symbol if made to be vibrated as such to be recognized as one “Christian-ity” which is an idol before the prophet but these same mindsets cannot depart from a name versus a prophet due to be institutionalized like i was in the deep embedded words of vibrations. It is amazing…and i do not preach on this but just hint hint soul friend i been around the world and more and i tell you some people did not recognize me as this and that…they saw me as soul and spiritually myself. I don’t think you caught on to the story or analytic version i was stating about Jesus or any other spiritual being who is soulful. To be continued….