Oneness (for myself)

Soul who is out there…i found myself in a deep thought swimming in my emotions remembering the path of soul of which i came from that served the truth which is everywhere when conscious and unconscious. There is no beginning and no ending when you become one with yourself and meaning…i had to leave the material stuff alone which with me was trying to find out why i needed a lover to complete me like why i needed her so bad when i needed myself just as much while on the journey of soul you know? It did not make any sense i tell you and plus it was jerking my emotions back and forth knowing i am lover for higher and not multi-lover on an earthly level. It is called soul and i was on that path intermittant all my life getting pulled and pushed by those universal laws you see. So my purpose is getting real defined though using my powers to intensify the purpose of which i serve or will be serving everybody else with which will be doses of experiences more along a teacher. Nefertum: (2/16/2014 9:56 PM) Teacher has many meanings you see. I am taking my philosophies and just teaching cause i have been in some of these areas within the world in the past and been receiving so much information from above lately that i must make sure i receive this degree in Mass Communication to go along with the other certifications so i may build a school or assume one already built to teach life on a whole other level privately. After studying the world so far though i will forever study it, instead of just taking my own truth about it, to make sure i keep up with society as a whole to integrate solutions until the day i die which will be never as i have found out once ink is on paper with the right trajectory you live quite a long time not to mention in the hearts and minds of folks as well. So i had to become universal and no longer a nigger, a nigga, a negro or any nationality of any hue-man or colorism or racism, gender wars or anything being used to separate and misinform the soul of humanity. Nefertum: (2/16/2014 10:04 PM) I am truly on the soul level enjoying the love we all have to offer as a peaceful attempt to be free without imagination cause you apply peace with freedom in reality out of the solutions analyzed down to the fullest you get true results. Oppression was my enemy and not hue-man being though many hue-man beings are possessed with the intent from other worldly spirits to do harm through hatred with occult tactics though this is when your powers to see through it all comes into play. My powers will remain telepathy rather than cellphones and likes and telekinesis to help folks move certain misinformed obstacles out the way with of course the naturalness to discern and discriminate soulfully. Some where back in those ancient days i use to be an Ancient Emperor and High Priest no doubt though i never considered to be over people yet with people as equality. Nefertum: (2/16/2014 10:13 PM) So i had to control my femininity which was earthly abouts and my masculinity which was heavenly abouts to merge them and ride on complete as one being and not two. My intellect was getting messed up cause i didn’t want nothing to come in relying on my own information and not sharing anything which turned me into a great thinker but not a great etheric or soul healer so you got both sides of the tale. And you see it like spiritual chess out here…this is why being on your own land is the best move money can buy as an invest of a win-win situation for generations to come. It is all about strategy though finding yourself before you acquire the land to plot out acre for acre of what you going to do. It is nothing like being free in peace and i tell you i am doing the same in SC. Don’t you know they have gold mines here where i live or lived at all my childhood life in the Piedmont areas? Even more enriched in earth stones which brings about healing potential and to whatever religion… Nefertum: (2/16/2014 10:22 PM) you choose just remember there are others out there looking for respect on the surface as the egotism arises like sun you know what i am saying? I have no religion and never had any religion particular i wanted or needed to be in as it was all just a journey of getting to know hue-man kind. I have faith in myself to be intuitive while gathering information from a higher source transcending it down into a mundane type of understanding with both doors open instead of being a philosopher leaving it shut. True love and communication is all about giving and receiving soulfully cause i could be like the rest all out for the materials but these materials will do me no good on the otherside so i just use the materials to make a comfortable place of living rather than extravagant though to each its own choice is derived from decisions whether it be at the crossroads or a fork in the road yet destiny takes its own course just as fate though what is the trick to it all? Be yourself at all times.