Writing Yourself Out Of Their Mindset

The title states for itself and not for the pleasure of it but to be recognized as such while doing your job as mine is obviously a literary artist and more. So by good sound and reason i have every opportunity to write myself as I am. This is a powerful awakening and statement “I AM” not what, who, why, whose, how, when, and so much more of words they speak no never that but of what i and how i grew up to be and envision. See a rose never stops thinking or growing up not as one. See once you get that thought planted and sown then you provide your own emotional development to provide oneself the strength to carry up and out piercing through doubt and misunderstanding as they walk pass you while some want to cut you down but don’t cut me down…let me be a rose until the winds blow me petals plus leaves away. So in essence, i will never stop writing regardless of the pay plus i will never stop pursuing to be a mastered mind of my own spirituality. I strive to be a complete artist while teaching off my own land and it will happen as it was written. Another trick to prophecy is once you sat down the intelligence onto the table plus guided yourself with wisdom to see what is coming, then remember after resting where you left off and do not stop. Keep going just keep going. I express myself through various of poetical types of literature. I could less about fame as this is a mission while walking in my journey showing myself i can do it as soul yes i can. I’m just straight blind in the eyes though spiritually wide open and awake. I figured if i am a character inked then i got the power to dip my feather into myself touching the lines across a piece of paper to set my record straight as compositions after more compositions and lyrical songs with mythical speeches of the sorts of arts. Let us have a laugh on oppression in order to cry later in absolute joy surrounded in peace. Now I likes that and rings aloud as justice for myself cause there is no true unity in people of any kind but soulful points graphed alike in time and space to be higher than your last times…and once again i am down on earth as my higher self to the depths with that.