The Law of Words or power of words

It is the words that create growth to become real as you see fit into your mindset and in this book coming out to be the sequel and last of Close Range Hollow Tips shows exactly that. They create “criminal” the word and people automatically either swing not to be it or do it. Then they create another word beside it so you gotta dodge that one and it is all using the universal laws on minds of the masses. Imagine being a Christian…so now either you dodging to be it or not..create condemn…now in conjunction as mathematics add you either down with it as a Christian or be condemn not as one and you keep getting swung by the pendulum of the universal laws you see. People do not understand the power of words is magick. It use to be an art until spiritual entities took the art and made it into a weapon called “spiritual chess”. They mesmerize people with wisdom coming from them instead telling the person seek thyself. So they master people having them think they do not know thyself killing your psychology to mend into theirs. I know this is deep and i tell you this…i ain’t going to let anybody tell me who i am for one darn second. This is why spoken language was not to be spoken. Cause air in your mindset is easily influence of what you cannot see therefore emotional putting together a form of intelligence of how you can imagine based on what they told you from within a language setup for you to be pitfall into. And it is even deeper with politics as everything goes hand in hand like a great big freaking web. Ever wonder why the spider is so keen on not moving like a King on the chess board? I gotta stop right here…and get back to Oneness for a bit. I will be moving back to the country area to help my grandpa out cause he survived three strokes back to back and still speaking. He is the last one i got left and the one i never seen until last year and we just hit it off on site like we never lost in touch even though i had never seen him in all my 31 years of breathing life. I got love for my people of the old cause they teach me values that is no longer here in society today. They teach me strength and a sense of purpose. Maybe i will finally get a chance to scout out my land in the piedmont area and live on my own land peacefully by my dayum myself and write forever to include producing all sorts of arts. We got tons of clay in the piedmont and on the real…i feel alot safer in the woods. I will be publishing out about 8 more books in a couple of days while college and stuff and part time work. Lets go night mare! And she says “bout time and let’s ride some more where we never gone before as soul…”