The Last

Deep within the country again i have found a solitude about myself. Myself is all i got so i produce what the body needs in order to survive. I have sown in tree in the front yard. I have sown in trees to the sides. These trees will produce fruit throughout every season. I imagine clay with bring me a sense of pottery to come. I imagine clay will help my skin to be more softer by sifting through the rocks to add the remaining clay to a soap of mine. I have a soaps i need to make with one of them being a clay soap. The clay soap will be infused with cacao butter, lavendar and rose petals. A second soap will be infused with ashes from vegetation, cacao butter, lime, lemon and honey. Another soap will be made from premade african soap and cacao butter. Another soap will be made from cacao butter, buckwheat, lavendar, and oranges. Lastly, a soap will be made of deep red purplish clay like in the first soap along cacao butter, mint and black strap molasses.


Deep within the country again i have found space where does not exist. I find everything i need to include carving my wood pieces and carving totems into trees that is standing. I really want to start making canes and burial boxes to include wooden chess boards though the game will be made to play a different way to include the name and pieces you see. Wooden furniture to wooden footwear custom made for the ladies of course. I have a power like so many others to feel the strength of a tree to produce life from it. I be thinking about making a wooden flute or a wooden instrument to pass time bye. Imagine one tree can make a kitchen isle, and carved stained treated logs can be the stands if you imagine it so. The sinks you can nail onto a polished concrete slab and not to forget polishing your own concrete floor. I have a clawfoot tub i have to put in as i am doing this myself to include plumbing. I have alot of things i want to be proud of myself to do to include having me night mare. Ah yes night mare…she is so beautiful every time i pass by the horse ranches. They have never scene a spiritual being like me on a horse. I will have cows just for the manure and not they milk or beef either. Let them moo on so my land can be enriched. Eh what about the chickens righ? Yes their manure as well though i have a love for the chicken to eat as well but not the eggs though. You gotta give them space though if you want to get to clucking! To be continued….