A Stack of Them Coming….

Running on my timing,

hands cutting the winds downward,

torch in my mouth,

hot as busters,

ain’t letting go clinching,

me calves said go,

my back can’t quit,

my abs is it,

stiffer than those boards,

thighs like work demons,

every pitty pat sounds off of hordes,

I’m coming quicker,

sow now what?

How soon can you pump up,

when you deflating down cuffed,

busted speakers,

i’m amped up,

in more ways than one,

no quarters needed,

i got halves,

halftime over with,

pulling full court presses,

putting pressure on your stressings,

i like that sincerely too,

and i’mma keep you jumping,

with your hands in the air reeler,

show shocking and rocking,

rolling blues jazz hip hopping,

country symphony quartet squad,

ready set go,

what you got cinder, flame or unique?

All i know i got cinnamon sprinkles,

pure sugar cane hooks phat critiques,

and i will remain fresh,

dropping bombs held higher,

from the sphere you ain’t knowing about,

whistling in any moment now,

a stack of them coming…

the precise concise hits,

it’s impossible for your information protocol,

addressing wound you got back in the days,

not to reopen gain illest cutoff in the hospital,

remixing mixtures ingredients surfacing,

whipping rattles shaking tattles macking cattle,

moving titties who supply milk to the weak,

giggling nipples perked triple cause i’m colder than black sleet,

and i am fresh…

and you won’t last while a stack of them coming.