My Life On Lines (Change of Four: 2-3-2 Pourahtree)

Whether we,

marching halt about,

face arms,

over shoulder posted,

felt similar,

as my friend,

indeed times,

drastic weighing harder,

carrying shells,

square clips fully,

holster fulfilled,

strapped ankle knife,

secured lower,

slang tucked politically,

pharmacist like,

drug dealer unincorporated,

degree collegiate,

and universal degrees,

common sense,

and words read,

educated intelligent,

or raw intelligence,

the battle,

fighting brutes plus,

prissy misses,

all out fights,

battling warmongers,

endlessly participant seer,

think wise,

pump fist thirst,

open palm,

animal instinct knowledgeable,

react after,

proactive cause effect,

suffering affects,

grow best better,

worst tactics,

ignoring meaningful feelings,

making own,

rearranging keys majoring,

minor notes,

transposing sustained scale,

blocked blocks,

a new rhythm,

without fanciness,

take your time,

skit plays,

cinema in motion,

cut take,

replay fast forward,

rewind pause,

slow rolling coasted,

ain’t worried,

nonchalant about them,

who they,

tones ain’t ringing,

doors closed,

broken wires fringed,

no connection,

crimping but taking,

leftovers electronically,

angling theorems musically,

deposit masses,

give you back,

receipts numbered,

your days nights,

working personally,

working business undying,

slaves to,

animals plants earth,

wind fire,

water etheric hopes,

soaking my,

life on lines,

drafting byes,

out circles past,

multiples fading.