Black Women Are Right We Are Unworthy

I Feel Great About My Accomplishments

Reason being is this…

I was not born with money in my mouth,

normal and abnormal family problems,

no encouragement from my parents,

or school systems either,

let’s see ummmm,

just plain ole surviving,

got used by the black female,

family and personal relationships,

but she is entitled to all that,

if you look at the olden ways,

which leaves me nothing again,

still looked down on as nothing,

regardless of knowing why,

and they rise up yelling at me,

condoning me on why i’m not making it,

even doing they homework and watching their kids,

seriously i was doing this and they religious too,

aborted child for no reason,

oh they ditched my vehicle in another city done in,

even though i was overseas telling them to just simply nevermind,

i think after she has been saying she’s independent,

and stronger than me to include my family,

it’s pretty much been hell on wheels and i get those looks,

as if if he leaves then we just got used,

not to mentioned i heard them talking about it,

even though i never had a chance to use them,

when i was too busy trying to rise on my own,

it’s like you caught up in trap of neverending lies,

and will die one way or the other,

they are rubbing me out one way or the other,

whether as a son, supposed to be father figure i guess,

proud warrior and all that stuff,

but if i don’t have the tools and stuff,

to save anybody due to giving it all away,

after all nobody had any tools to start with,

never managed anything correctly,

then how in the world am i the blame for it?

because i am a black man,

the usual suspect scapegoat victim of nothing,

and i wonder is it really worth dying,

for a gender you done gave your all to,

up unto this point at such a young age,

i mean i always been absent in they memories,

so if i prevail and excel into more money and business,

then i’mma hero regardless of the bullshit,

and sow when i fall imma be the enemy,

but regardless i am just nothing basically,

i wonder if i were a daughter would i be something?

I support the black female,

endlessly i do really,

i hope she changes the world better,

push her to the front and keep it going,

she deserves better indeed and better than me,

if she deserves the european man then go get him,

don’t let him walk away from your presence when you deserve it,

after all you are a queen and princess and empress right?

yes go whatever man that is going to cherish you correctly,

you are not my object and neither will i fight for you,

nobody has fought for me and for me to fight for the wind,

like dying for suicide caught up as homicide…

but i will encourage you to break the racism and colorism,

by any means necessary he is on top and so is the asian,

along with the latino behind him and they all treasure you like gold,

i saw you as priceless but they had and got that security and stability,

you see i just do not have or have but not like theirs you see,

see i do not know why i have not those same possessions they have,

when we all work towards different goals given my background of struggles,

playing no cards as usual really hard down on myself i can say i am proud of me,

and if he is just better than me then he is just better than me,

no need for competition cause even my pockets see the difference,

i just have that problem with being personally attacked all the time,

plus i have a solid plan of the future working my now really,

and nevermind….