Still Working Restless III

I have my own intelligence, 
i am conquering this language, 
called English then moving on, 
to another language while, 
creating my own language is in, 
motion and yes i am into, 
learning endangered languages, 
mathematically producing more, 
streams teams rams seams rings, 
singing about glitter sparkling, 
holding on to my will solidified, 
island land is business i have, 
my own intelligence spikes, 
jump as the thump moves bumping, 
across county lines deep country, 
crossing lines like never before, 
running fore a life i never had, 
running and running and running, 
the pains out no smiles tears, 
in the winds never no sadness, 
up goes the spheres of energies, 
breathe in the goodness, 
releasing out the mayhem, 
plants turn the mishaps into, 
biofuel shaking leaves moving, 
roots i can hear the crowd, 
of strengths cheering whispering, 
standing by revealing themselves, 
they still here and sill heard, 
hey herd of cattle let us stomp on, 
through all hooves down charging disaster, 
phantom beat bumb bump bumb bump, 
times hundred rushing through my veins, 
and reality feels strange when you give up, 
hope to be lifted in the hands of higher, 
consciousness striving step fore step, 
trying my hardest with every tendon, 
meshed together with ligaments, 
bones down joints and cartilage, 
calling on the animal instincts, 
and spirit to help me get through, 
the jungles of entangled ideas and isms, 
feeling like that ape cousin, 
to the gorilla swinging monkey, 
held in the trees of life as panda, 
climbing down slowly like sloth, 
rearranged as green mamba chameleon, 
into black mamba striking multiple, 
with full deadly venom at the myself, 
which resides as the physical ridding, 
self on earth willing every last power, 
remaining into the soul of my books, 
mastering the tiny drops of sweat fever, 
temperature steady rising burning calories, 
trimming off more fat thinking about dinner, 
organically correct wanting to live at one, 
hundred competing with great great grandma, 
she lived to be early nineties on the year, 
i was born in i got love for the ones who, 
loved me which are living casket bound, 
i am going back to revisit all of them, 
cause i’m next in the winds young at high speed, 
as that ultimate collaboration i got to make it, 
pain is just a temporary fixate situation, 
calves be getting tired so do my biceps, 
after pulling up and upper pushing down for mine, 
i got to do this by myself to get respect for myself, 
and for myself and from myself and foes against myself, 
if they only tell me in person then maybe i can get with them, 
then again this is suicide era short on loving stranded, 
to the heart i keep it pumping knowing good well, 
homicide is out for me around any corner with no help, 
and it was setup this way for me to see if i can make it, 
out the world alive more than they statistical high, 
so i got to make it while giving away money i don’t need, 
keep my ears close to the ground for them skillsets, 
earning certifications and achieving degrees without kisses, 
and no hugs needed i ain’t use to it and never will be, 
i never had it and never will love as it’s just all earthly, 
i know my place and they can’t break me, 
so crossover fading pump it up spurting quicker, 
dashing having it my way serving queens, priests, knights, 
moving my pawns of ideas untrustworthy i am they be saying, 
survivor to the fullest mapped out my destiny to the max, 
battling myself deeper boxing out the pounds into the heavy bag exposed, 
using my heels to kick down doors from the mind while no-one knows, 
this is all i got slowing down to that stop sign, 
looking both ways and even turning around looking around, 
and around whose there? Nobody like i figured still working restless.