The Ultimate Collaboration–(Black Male+Euthanasia+Angel=Life)

  1. nefertumhusiashayheh
  2. The Ultimate Collaboration–(Black Male+Euthanasia+Angel=Life)

    Let me unleash the insides,
    the ultimate collaboration,
    they total devastation,
    i keep taking it,
    filled up with they emotions,
    they fill my heart with it,
    my heart gets bigger with it,
    i pumps no kinds of weakness beating it,
    fuck it that switch flipped up undefeated,
    i done did all i could as a hue man,
    still they show me no love regardless,
    the love has dried up truth be told,
    every since my great grandmother died,
    and i felt it to the heart,
    i never fully shed those tears out,
    scared to myself cause i might lose my sanity,
    i got’ta get where i belong,
    pushed my emotions to the side,
    they want me dead or alive hunted for life,
    so guess whose coming to the last dinner,
    the pressures are too great and tremendous,
    so i build myself up plotting every situation,
    down to the tee off mapping out all corners,
    working harder keeping all assets stacking,
    learned the game of life building myself up,
    as that culture most valued non hue man being saddled,
    on his night mare rode off in the darkness,
    and never came back with missions in hand,
    build up everything from scratch expecting no reward,
    give her all the credit regardless of wrong,
    she deserves it to the maximum,
    and if i get sacrificed let it be by my way,
    everybody has to die and i got that right to kick it off,
    dedicating literary works as a changeup pitching,
    the truth to her that she should flood on out,
    to other males instead of the black ones,
    we ain’t never gon be nothing but stairs,
    to your place up in your heavens,
    so i cannot even treasure any female,
    cause i’m too busy working for my life,
    it was written i had to do this in order to get respect,
    when i die it will be written to release me to the KKK,
    straight burn me cause at least they got love for me as hatred,
    non-hidden and with a pleasure they will do it,
    i don’t deserve to be near any female especially the black female,
    i have did so much damage without having a kid,
    and i could imagine if i had a kid it would be even more damaging,
    i do accept my death sentence as a black male,
    waiting on euthanasia exited out as a black male,
    entered into an angel asking no questions,
    what work needs done so she can survive,
    and these children with no food to eat,
    and no home to run into with a model family,
    of the best men which are European, Asian and Latino,
    how can i get them to be with the best of the best?
    Straight serve them all the African Woman to the fullest,
    give her more strength while i stay down or out busy working,
    creating a business for the kids or her at least,
    get that land and pass my assets on to her the olden way,
    take no part in no earthly measures keeping myself purified,
    help her get the degrees she deserves,
    and that car she needs without strife,
    and home not an apartment for rent,
    give my life away cause the pain only hurts for a second,
    just like these tattoos and that previous death experience,
    so i feel you all around i have a responsibility to soak up,
    and now it’s time to die plus i’m feeling good about it,
    this is the ultimate collaboration,
    cause i can’t get with her feeling like a fool,
    i feel those feelings without words is the truth,
    even though i will never know to the fullest of why,
    but at least in my book when it’s said done and over with it,
    she reigned at the top while i served her at the bottom,
    regardless of how much money, land, promises, goodwill,
    struggles fuck being a black male now,
    this is euthanasia and it ain’t helping all of us,
    case closed he was an angel to the heart,
    straight from the beginning ain’t no more begging or pleading,
    for help with a mind of a higher inspiration aspired on a whole,
    other level with my back up against suicide,
    in the hands of homicide embraced by genocide stranded on death row,
    giving away everything i earned into her hands,
    for what cause again? Cause it was reality and eyes don’t lie,
    neither do purposes within the bigger picture do either,
    and i can smile finally so watch out for the ultimate collaboration,
    anything you need and want i’m putting in work,
    disposable at your service without emotions,
    i can face myself in the mirror now yeah…
    i’mma fly finally and ready for whatever,
    keeping my will on me at all times and one on file,
    lover’s case closed.
    The Ultimate Collaboration