Escaping…That’s What Eye Said

Forever the victim and suspect,     
like i am opposites sentenced,     
of what they said and how i bled,     
murders spelled backwards,     
conspiracies held as your double blade,     
kill me to use me held powerful inside your hands,     
throw me away sow hear they coming,     
settled down long and aggressive,     
shiny and bold feeling me you get progressive,     
from soldier to officer,     
either at parade rest or salute me,     
cause i got no wife tight like them prostitutes on heels bossing,     
they no longer walking around for that cash,     
pimps so subtle they coming nonexistent nonphysical,     
you ask her who she is and she’ll tell you,     
about her personality from television series plus that religion,     
then another mixed as a singer poster savior,     
she paid them tickets to be like her,     
jumping up and down addicted to multiple flavors,     
sucker for those same candies like as that kid twisted sugarlicious,     
don’t give one dollar about you nigga,     
and will never spend those times of meaningful dings hot out her worstest dreams,     
it seam that i am escaping as victim,     
for not being with her on the real,     
cause she got money and education,     
no kids or children,     
she been the bomb and still blowing up,     
demanding answers seeking the media out,     
for that attention go get her you missing out on something reminiscent,     
which really cleaned up her act gone nun for a sequence,     
frequent liar truth buyer fly by night hired hatred schemes,     
schematic purposely criticizing me to her ends rolled now she,     
flossing in car and trucks with names on them,     
supposed to be made special figured inside her pockets,     
they had her done in thongs on tighter felt added up,     
deserving the best like queens of england,     
but even she ain’t visiting you pheasants,     
you are a lower level rogue in the game,     
with no ties into her sisterhood,     
bleeding out the same wounds all the same as me,     
oh now oh now oh now ohhh wwweeee now you all alone,     
in an place called dumb and numb no matter the ages,     
escaping all of your mentalities fore life,     
that’s what eye said walking and running watching me.     
I said fuck that capacitor,     
let me come down as electricity’s maximum,     
blow through you while batteries pumping yo shit dildo humping,     
let it hit your back walls gushing,     
that buzzing feeling fingers licking beds of lining,     
for that baby to come in about nine months you animal freak,     
bite my clit triple ex lick her flicking tongues,     
intensifying secrets hands behind liver kidneys filling up,     
about to piss on yourself for that squirts,     
nipples perverted whirl-winding times got you spinning liquor fiend,     
either pills out into those seas smoking your life away high seized,     
you suppose to be eating it for the best benefits but not that koochie hoe,     
oh she’s the boss bitch and queen at the same times,     
pussy loose and popping cracking claps smacking juices pulling jacks,     
those are just facts about the weekend shows of the same ole foes,     
different strokes braided bunch crotchy show mrs ed weave and tracks,     
glued into the afros mack you with a good talk game,     
probably don’t give a fuck about nobody falling in love like phoenix,     
out for yours at all cost never had the chance to be sane hiding in her closets of shame,     
but i still take those niggers comments plus you ain’t shit to my sober and makeup-less face,     
i ain’t acting for no-one neither faking about all those mistakes,     
just dumping everything i discard out my intestines,     
into a pile of water cooler than sewage up north pole,     
swimming for the salmons drinking purified waters,     
got my coat on and they scoping to get me done up,     
when in solitude worrying about none of yall stuff,     
fuck ya running out on those roads like buck,     
cause does cannot see grazing on the wrong sides chewing defeats,     
escaping by myself serving you in due time your own glistening,     
that’s what eye said as the flute whistling harmonica’s song called interesting…     
bang booming spreaded you into pieces anger’s cleavage tripped me up and that’s what eye said.