Still Working Restless II

I just ran about two miles out using hatred’s embers as fuel against,         
hills and valleys thugging it in toes heels mean mugging,         
asses jiggling walking a pet smelling foul,         
on the leash he or she was tongue out gasping,         
caucasian older lady next door fitted,         
smiles blushed out full dimples too,         
doing her garden activities merry and married,         
me and her are hearts to the end,         
just because we got those deep dimples,         
called craters and half moons meaty,         
i got those craters and she got half moons,         
pit pat calves getting bigger,         
muscles feeling thrilling,         
a new adventures among dust clouds,         
new greenery and children playing out,         
all colors with lots of vehicles,         
thinking to myself this is the outside city limits,         
i’m jogging to be extra perfect in fitness,         
maybe along my own pathways without asphalt and concrete,         
by myself tenderized with so much roses and lotuses,         
we family to the endless and and and they be blooming,         
we always had it hard growing up touched,         
just when your lonely hands you run up on us drooling,         
we got colors for every situation between conversations,         
whether you living, dying or just plain ole dead,         
plant us wherever presence is at to represent your channel,         
then we coming up thorn over others we are a must,         
as escalation for that sunshine holding heavy dew and heart wrenching sensitivities,         
fully opened laughing silently until we reach your pearly gates,      
it’s just the three of us minor chord riding finalized unknown,         
still working restless tired chest beating lungs sweating evident.