Still Working Restless

I got to serve you, 

get at you to respect mine, 

loyal to myself and i’m past buttcrack, 

young and raw out mouths richer, 

for them dividends meeker, 

clothing line without names, 

shoes just for you eye weaker, 

i know who get paid on the first, 

i know who get paid on the fifteenth, 

i know who get paid every week, 

i know who get paid every month, 

it’s all about that research, 

track every corporation’s information, 

it’s all legal in the news registered, 

and the census bureau knows demographics, 

how many churches popping and cracking, 

your local restaurants down for the fame and blowing up, 

graduations from schools always throwing it up, 

holidays and surprising events bumping rumble thump, 

clubs and private venues i’m in it, 

just to get at you like a dream fantastic, 

with an antenna on signaling styles, 

talk to you through our music sine equalizing sound, 

put out the most books computing reasoning and creativity, 

highly activated ether and nonphysical proclivities, 

switch into a different language grabbing at it, 

working with the matters micromanaging have at it, 

human resourcing lean six sigma with it, 

inter-networking non-personal all business with it, 

dropping down tornadoes and hurricanes uplift with it, 

exploding on contact losing eyesight optical electricifried in it, 

still cooking palm oil cut up wedges faced down in it, 

turn me up medium high heat watching me pop you consistent, 

i’m nervous and hectic eyes over the fences be witnessing me boxing it, 

i’m crossing lines with no smiles in it, 

the bag still swinging off the chains no longer hooked up on it, 

this is out the frame with no handles busted grills who is it? 

Rose Nehebkau Lotus still working restless.