The Eulogies: Everybody Dead Burnt Or Buried

She killed you with that emotion called pussy,       
he returned back out of retaliation’s jealousy shooting out his penis,       
i buried them all awaiting watching scene after scene,       
prepared those caskets and coffins smoothly intertamemint,       
poetical engravings on tombstone concrete polished marble,       
from english alphabet beginning to ending,       
thirteen to your front out as the same thirteen looking from the back,       
in advance cutting wood down enhancing statistics,       
gathering bets based on injuries welfare fanatics rich pilling and street dope addicts,       
knowing hearts gon explode from wars battles and fights homicidal reactive dramas traumatic,       
against health medical political personal situations turned issued,       
guaranteed bonded stocking into the marriage of which every insurance is previewed foresaw,       
showing you straight love colder than that fog approaching log,       
rolling with the grim reaper showed me styles deadiler on gold hundred spokes shining,       
clocking ends in a hemi suicide four door continental hearse,       
old school style with my shades on while my grey clouds follows,       
clogged saddened empowered my roses feeling stronger by the miles,       
i got around vine now asking specifics being careful not to trip up,       
on the go marketing flirting smiles conversating from,       
anybody masculine to phony masquerades dancing tick tock tick kissing,       
clicking walking over graphs dropping plots down deeper,       
like outlive them all business over syrupy sticky,       
panties who peelings felt semen hard filled draws infested,       
stack em up to be slid into my dressers envisioning them as investments,       
opening closing them all emptying they cash out by the masses amounting advantages,       
never greedy funneling numbers into other rectangular tactic filled baskets,       
they said i was a lover’s case unsolved tongue lifted up by my elder so i could speak up out myself,       
with a little bit of help from the living dna pumping proudly brought to you signs together,       
by my great great grandmother’s skeletal middle fingers raw bone jointed,       
she was a slave freed and she said “i better fuck em all loving no-one but yourself son”       
with my saliva dripping down onto her middle fingers i understood eyes wide open committing no more faults,       
back into her bed made lying resting in puzzling pieces from being raped and tortured and sometimes beaten,       
i pledge that allegiance to the heart often slipping up in the past,       
trying to be a hero the sucka out on the mash when neither of those devils and bitches never had my back,       
and sow it is like that where the cards are dealt last one at the table with no feelings felt,       
straight numb to it all writing your birth dates as the last obituary posted inside local newspapers,       
names are repeated from repetition living the same ole trifling lifestyle imma bust you rigor mortis,       
chalking your advancement into whatever hell or heaven you be believing in due to past present or future happening,       
everything is on you from the time you are born within a timeline,       
sitting in cradles beautifully transposed as welcoming caskets,       
a tsk a task a tasker who mastered reflections brought up as that bastard surely on the come up as that color feared victimized and suspected,       
a rose appeared throughout on top of them all out their fogs,       
clearly viewed cause they were loving my voice echoing desperately satisfied sighs bellow fall summer spring eyes open closed winter finally is they eulogy’s call.