The Great Flood of 2014: Black Gender’s Disaster

They say I am no good immature heartless why bother hating hater hated hatred ate red mad angry fury fueling feeling nutty gun totting pants sagging ass showing gangsta punk busta sucka nonfearing wife beater sexist misogynist faggot hopeless fatherless motherless bastard full on drunken juices broken broke provoking pro addict of pussy name calling hit you up to your face plotting throwing up what you represent ain’t worrying about certain black females who regardless always power and money on the mind with no heart but my heart don’t pump no kind of weakness like before repeated standing stronger competing against myself came up out as the child who was taught insanity jumping on the merry go round watching sanity scooping bailing jumping rope double dutch stealing flight and sow for real I am business spiritual aspirant inspired nonhesitant empowered soulfully endured wrecking attitude in the explorer foot on the pedal smashing blowing blowing blowing up cause the propane tank fired lit skip and fist piss tricked dissing missed lip fixing slick kicking sticking sensitiveness tipping pinging gig jiggling flicking slit steep distant treated as misunderstanding may is the change of four ditching hatred of all kinds from the colors to be politics to them residents living mature and even more so invisible with a smile on my face cause I can’t get caught up in a ransom nor a case when these women of colors taking shit to the maximum’s extreme and I ain’t got a penny when you took everything so fuck yourself to the depths and I’m tired of you plotting and lying hellified twisted reflipped out bitch thinking you the shit calling yourselves bitches in the mixes so fuck your weakness collaborate up with that same clan member as a matter of fact I know where they stay at if you so big and intent on getting with them they got all the money from bottoms to the tops you muthafucking traitor keeping the grouping of people and yourself who have no idea that the other is blasting all out on another trying to get people on your side with emotional sides like come join us as the united hoes of the nation but don’t even care or give a dayum about our Africans afar only when it’s to your advantage talking about annihilation of black men and pro gendered race of black women…you all muthafucking twisted and check your facebook shit cause my great grandmother told me stories quite differently from your sack of bullshit got real niggas intact with the core of existent of africanism endangered with that conflicted chess muthafucking setup move of a trip and fuck everybody cause they fucking me too to the ground on my knees and I’m tired of getting looked at second handed for no reason already got beat down for reading a book and now you this homosexual even putting more fire in the mix posing as gangsters under ism movements just the other day I got talked down for no reason for giving a rose out and the female had the nerve to say I didn’t mean it with that stank attitude to the max and so I gave it to the next customer…what a waste of time and observation but you still gon diss me and keep at it on the internet while in reality you hiding it trying everything you can even though I can give a fuck about yo shit cause this is all about building an empire and I’m tired of of of the wickedness out on innocent people I wouldn’t dare stick my dick up in any of you bitches to the depths of hell with you and if you the gift of heaven’s will then let your ether shine in the midst of america’s danger so called angels psycho trained murders new slavemasters but best believe I’m gon make it with two jobs fueling my business in more ways than one and you will never no can’t touch this plus I got certifications and degrees on lock and when you need food water and shelter just remember that shit you was talking about how niggas brothers brothas niggers black males black men African American males be like KKK under the skin then imagine how you acting now?? When I get finished owning land and properties I’m gone make sure you pay up and when you need that food you gon pay up and when you need that water you gon pay up and so fuck your venting double venomous talk bitches naw naw fuck that you gon pay me rent too and those shoes you love so much with killer heels on you gon pay for them too and those elegant dresses to them slutty ones you gon pay me for it too and the mudclothing types of cultural clothing to them sneakers clogs and weaves and tracks to the organic products of anything you be liking plus needing I’m going to survey you secretly straight watch your brands plus them colors and focus on you to penetrate your pockets and laugh at you while you up there on the podium live televised talking shit slickly and on the internet sleepwalking passed out in my drawers you be wearing at ease straight comfortable cause you became the dresser thinking I am stupid and lower intelligent than you bitch ass figured everything you be wearing I’m trend it out delivered and even serve you swell tasting music with nu flavors of jazz to that afro-rhythms and electronica and punk rock and rolling even country slang hanging blues just and just just and just anything to rip your pockets to break you even oddly if I have to sell luxury vehicles to you I will shhhh even arts to sciences I’ll make sure your smile is much better when you get finish paying my bill on the real and all kinds of ways that’s what you expected from a black man out the gate of speculations raw hunger untamed for the currency money freedom sensations tingling as protections against your pro hoe wanna be holy soldier held up whirlwind exposed conspiracies flowing killer do or die one shot sniping trespassers boobie trapping you bitches’ coldhearted demonic gang and so I’m going to bring it to you as that that black that was that savior and even if I have to shut your phone off from you not paying your bill I’mma grace you with that disconnection….so watch your tonsils and your hotel mindset cause I’m coming inn highly intelligent highly educated militantly business minded chit is in motion straight stomping. All out to your doorway in this unlimited potential era, so knock knock…guess who’s coming to dinner?