Still Working Restless 4

Entrance into my home,

be the training of my life,

creating developments arising,

see my flowcharts of all scenes,

laid out on the floors are the blueprints,

within each and every block,

is a curriculum of wise quotes etched remembrance,

writing policies upon my soul,

documenting lectures of procedures,

where the exits to sides from the back,

location after location after location,

where i left off when eyes are completely opened,

slightly out the resting journey body-less,

still working restless for my dividends.

Sitting on the bed,

be the pillows smelling lavendar,

gotta put my shirt on,

stretch all over massaging weaknesses thoroughly,

consulting my intelligence debating on teas,

how the sweetening processes gon b a g f e d c,

hitting my chords earlier rather on point sustaining wavy,

clap for the funk of it,

praising myself for the credit of dignity summarized untouchable fit,

irregular type of transitioning holding up positioning,

wait there one second,

just commanding my thoughts of clouds,

keep them paused-in leaning fluffy,

organizing graphic gainful wrap around and around sealed,

heated meal to go for the soul below,

cooling off politics watching gangsters in suits,

on the grind putting in work consistently,

leading myself,

the leadership without studder steps,

coaching myself,

i got the 1-2-1 plus 2-2-3 plus 2-3-2 plus freestyle,

full pressing independently ball in hand,

stealing phonetically on four wheels rolling,

be the ultimate collaboration of originality genuine,

everybody genius change the weak initiatives up,

shake the hatred off dusted and disgusted,

vacuum strengths into my heart galactically,

gigantically tremendous astronomical stupendous,

composing meeting of lions kobras hammerheads gorillas,

seas jungles sunshine rocks swinging roars venomous fangs respected,

marketing my understanding about my requirements,

return on investments emerging view of strategic measurements,

scoping on course calculating still working restless.