In My Genes Walking Creased

Me great great grandma,   
the one who got raped,   
on the year i was born,   
died from the treachery,   
with all of her organs,   
still intact running perfectly,   
inside her home came in a predator,   
who definitely knew her,   
as she knew him too,   
about ninety years plus,   
she lived physically,   
still i pump her up,   
i was told she was rough,   
rugged animated stick handling,   
beat yo ass uncut language,   
of emotionally discrepancies,   
a small-time empress handling,   
business freed out of a slave,   
meanier than ever giving no fucks,   
kept her children educated about us,   
ruthless we had to come up,   
where the sun shines down inside,   
an old linger of foul play,   
roaming around the town,   
the story was profound,   
and i saw her picture,   
flashing back with her,   
as if in the scenery,   
beside her feeling like,   
bad ass upcoming emperor,   
on pause watching you out the portrait,   
then she jumped out at me,   
while everybody was looking,   
to say “you my son who understands   
so better watch your back keeping   
on point even more ruthless   
of how i made ya cause our   
dues are paid stop sleeping   
and wake up them others   
but keep your guns on you   
son and don’t trust them   
females…better trust yourself   
if you knew what i knew   
cause ain’t nothing changed   
just a different swang and name   
check them out when you walking creased.”   
And sow i did it reaping prevail,   
house in the cut touching myself,   
she’s there in the heart sharpest,   
i feel your inspiring pains great great grandma.   

Me great grandma could work miracles,   
with the knowledge of vegetation,   
always planting her garden watching,   
weathers and even smelling the times,   
very silent controlling every branch,   
of the tree she rooted with depths,   
along with my great grandpa even though,   
he passed away earlier hustling and bustling,   
to feed his adult daughter’s families too,   
and i got great uncles like that too still to this day,   
with great aunties watching over the children still,   
from a distance i can feel them juggling,   
inside my stomach like water to the cells,   
refreshingly hydrated when you got nothing,   
to think about but keeping it going,   
flowing when you low on aspiration fuel,   
their they go standing alongside me,   
whispering go as far as you can go,   
and remember the children of the tree,   
never hesitate to always give back,   
cause those mothers keep producing,   
us back to back to back to back to back,   
and you the chosen one who been everywhere,   
from your branch time to produce fruit,   
whose seeds drop down picked as bird’s food,   
to swallow and eat fertilized as dropping everywhere,   
sow sea they watching you from above play hovering hawking,   
they encircling wisdom filling you locked inn,   
she was that shaman my great grandma,   
sorry for the hemispheric female to male,   
back across the bridge crossover visions,   
balancing sine waves see you there sooner,   
but for now hang on talking to those bushes,   
and they shook with the feeling understood,   
while we all pause then she stepped back in,   
walking up those ole steps past the wooden screen door,   
looked up two throughout our eyes mighty mysteriously strong,   
in faith we had it made paved out a way lit up,   
by the fire flies peeking playing light bulb flew,   
come get us if you see the puzzle pieces together,   
we can show you a new path of however whenever,   
through the trees of the forest we will always,   
jungle habitat enriched flavors favor savored you hater,   
in my genes walking creased sharper than ever.   

Me tongue get enthuse,   
when music musekhet,   
off the father’s side,   
finger-walking unorthodox,   
i don’t see no colors,   
as a matter of fact,   
you can find me,   
walking on the eighty-eight,   
constellations axioms traced,   
making lines revealing shapes,   
escaping reality by way of dimension,   
slip into that crack down by the sea,   
when moon was waved back at me flexing,   
this is ain’t no testing my illusive fusion,   
you better fission fiction fishing fussing fucking and chit,   
well the order is to achieve a higher thought pattern,   
rewind me back into the last period,   
where the era of endangered languages,   
interests me gaining an enormous anticipation,   
of being down by universal law,   
mastering three of tribal languages,   
one from the African land,   
and the two from Asian land,   
and the three from Latin American land,   
becoming my own diplomat exchanging,   
imports and exports on the low low,   
between four homes x marks the spot,   
worldwide hot and lovesickening,   
i’m in too deep up to my knees,   
engaged to the plant and animal kingdom,   
cause the insect kingdom got me sweating,   
bullets pesking with they unbelievable evil essence,   
flying around trying to suck me with they needles,   
vampires with wings getting bigger by the female,   
so you know she gots to go always hanging around,   
by the door-cracks on the low low camouflage as subtle,   
stalking you for your blood and happiness,   
buzzing through as vibes of get-back killing sleepers coldheartedly,   
sending males on the mission more but i got lavendar,   
and garlic for your repentance who gets fired up,   
tiki style sticked down earthed flamed up preserving my wishes,   
and if i catch you up against my walls i got quicker reactive times,   
swatting traitors away from my kind fully paid pavement,   
in my genes walking creased as my sharpest points bangs on gung ho on foes frozen,   
me married to life ain’t worried about yours while in my genes walking creased….