Monopolize Your Town

Don’t sleep,

but you will committed twisted,

rolling down these blocks,

streets exiting into highways,

lights over lights lines dashing,

slowly on the right side,

let you pass bye bye bumping,

or maybe cruising doing you freedom,

peeping twelve o’clock positioned the realest,

clocking protection and communication,

plus never balling bailing falling stacking stacked up,

i got horses whose education gallops salaries,

organization pays investing on the returns put back,

lacking less weaknesses now won wow ooo no-no,

back to the splash when we came up stronger riveting,

each acre under the foundations auctioned by the cities,

even occupying ghostly presence cause to me we already connect,

we all One standing next to each other working tiresome relentless,

tireless relieving how taxes get paid out so well in advance,

solar powered to the maximum drilled wells in all,

who got the gang of dingoes while slavery continues to all huemans,

via plant, animal, insect and other kingdom really not a question,

it can’t be slavery to huemans upon another when all interdependent,

yet those words have power putting mindsets clackled shackled locked stopped,

what’s mine is mine though when i monopolize your town what yours we splitting it.