Monopoly’s Chess

Make sure the currency,   
matches up with the location,   
at all cost let it be lowest,   
watching the stock market,   
economies fluctuating,   
which tribe influencing who,   
graced with signs out the skies,   
riding from star to nebula,   
strong arming solar powered endeavor,   
ambitious about my wishes,   
serving assistance to my shooters,   
spot your sides up when they weakened,   
i got the middles deep stuffed packed keep packing,   
let no rebound loose when the news air trickles,   
treat yourself behind those pictures,   
cause the media is a motherfucker and a fatherfucker,   
nowadays swaying minds of the masses held hostage,   
shutting lights off predictions severed claimed wasted,   
and steadily dumping ya twisted tie pulled back glad bagging,   
over the shoulders proudly plus shredded shipped to a location,   
where glue in hands on magnifying glasses are doors see through super computer farms,   
housed inside abandoned warehouses strictly coded secured fingerless,   
this is monopoly’s chess to the fullest.   
Make sure the currencies,   
match up with every location,   
this is the Change of Four equipped,   
eyes gotta beta activated sworn-in witnessed,   
working with a hundred thousand bucks,   
using does for they coats and they fluffy butts,   
wrap my ideas around they hips,   
up and under completed as two encircled triangles,   
waistful introduction bottoms tucked and slits touched,   
plus the skin felt sultry digging in dat ass freaky,   
and you better wash yo cracks before putting on my elegant panties,   
selling you my soulful idea made cotton with silk,   
just for you to ummm but hold up wait a minute advertisement,   
this commercial is brought to you by way of intersection,   
rolling down the highways of inter-intimate access highest security granted,   
to me in accordance with you sow keep this above way secret tip top with this chit,   
buying a home in Africa, Asia, Latin America and course,   
the dirty South where colors and isms collide and freak hypocritically in your face,   
and hypercritically all about those old fashion ways reviving confusion religiously,   
so i keep one step beyond of those skits looking for troubles,   
aiming at Florida but starting cheaper in South Carolina,   
i need vegetation to grow all year round without no rings,   
and by the shores where ships cruise in and out,   
while they partying richer off the past ends,   
i got regulations coming in on my cellular,   
keeping abreast of the international laws and treatises,   
highly governed by religious backing from land to land,   
no matter the prophet i’m coming up profit staying pro fitted,   
row with me staying physically in fitness nesting eggs birthed what’s next?   
Know i’m on another level witnessing how you switched,   
writing the evidence down in my notepad,   
keeping up with my snitching about you line for line,   
sail your life back to you sold chimes sounds like on time,   
a deja-vu of rhymes juicy drippings inside that citrus rind,   
from the navel after washing it i’m licking heavily fore that temptation,   
my heart getting fuller sped up to the beat cause i’m feeling this shit,   
i’m feeling so outer this world tremendous fore yo shit,   
picturing lips folding bites toes cringing lick after lick,   
i’m laughing inside the astral plane echoing it smiling to your face high on it,   
fuck it keep the pulse bumping back and let’s bust this opened,   
as my energy heighten the satisfaction into my brain mushroom cloud hit,   
feeling like that shockwave on parole waiting on the final release,   
like in my genes walking creased…   
this is monopoly’s chess to the fullest.   
Make sure the currency,   
match with the land,   
living simple made humble,   
focused on giving away my will,   
to two boys and two girls,   
the upcoming next reign,   
with land i worked hard for you to have,   
plus i got stipulations set in,   
to make sure you can’t sell us out,   
requiring collegiate education and expansion,   
upon a town uninhabited by hue-mans,   
they call them ghost towns,   
and plus those castles up for sale,   
worldwide i’m peeping them,   
but nobody will guess,   
they labeled black male and more stereotyped,   
as the super-wicked hated and failure to the dome,   
was plotting monopoly’s chess to the fullest.