Still On A Mission: Str8 Souljah

Earth is hotter than ever,   
i remember coming back,   
every day that moment flashes back,   
almost like a timeline mark,   
saying don’t forget you ain’t got long,   
if you keep going this path,   
probably coming back with more pain?   
Not this time super dummy,   
and on the real another conscious,   
there ain’t no love out here really,   
at least not on mine so i can’t see,   
my big heart going out senseless,   
revamped the plan to live,   
and to live is to die,   
i got nothing but love for kids,   
no matter the color until they,   
get taught ways of separation,   
and so maybe it is me,   
or maybe it is not based on your senses,   
then again another clever plot,   
i been stranded inside this body,   
debating on why i couldn’t die for her,   
then i figured it out…   
i’m not no longer needed due to independency,   
looking for a way out i then turned,   
to my family but even they composed of females,   
with my strain on tilt until i got that other job,   
seems like everybody is looking for a father figure,   
the ultimate role model plus the road model also,   
i found myself to die for the kids,   
still on a mission…   
So since she’s full blown into lesbianism,   
plus female superiority standing up as an independent,   
with the world on her shoulders becoming ever more richer,   
though the society is actually still the same and getting worse,   
cause the riches can be turned into rags so every community working,   
together can clean up each other messes unified,   
but you don’t see that cause of course hue-mans gone be hue-mans,   
since my type is becoming ever more endangered,   
regardless of what you do i just remembered,   
what about the kids at hand needing a place to stay,   
who always wanted that life they never could afford,   
even though i tried those relationships also,   
plus to get even realer you can’t run through people,   
beg and definitely i am not paying someone to meet another person,   
so i gave up officially after knowing that the baby i was suppose,   
to have she aborted it due to selfish reasoning,   
and she cried about it later apologizing asking for forgiveness,   
but it’s just like a troop turned into a medal,   
there is nothing to compensate for a life taken,   
that could have been prevented easily by standing up,   
saying no or at least rethinking other options,   
but see what i’m saying though…   
it’s fucked all around me to the maximum,   
prompting me to put my mind on another level in the game,   
get rich by letting go of the baggage and pains,   
so i enjoy myself as an euphoric high as long as i can,   
which is one of the warning signs of death,   
based on the situation so mine is just being me,   
either by violence or age and i want to be ninety something,   
like my great great grandma so i focus on the essence of it,   
at the same time sharing my life with four kids,   
i figured i can be a father without ever having kids,   
and without having a wife too by simply acquiring wealth,   
handling my business from my will to my working twenty four seven,   
i be smiling still on a mission.   
See i remember those times younger,   
i wish this and that and so on,   
plus i done seen too much in a short span of time,   
see i always wanted to die for the black woman the black female,   
but when the atmosphere changes plus generalization is put on,   
across the board on everybody hue-man really,   
cause you really cannot separate yourself from the another,   
it is already done in by the sciences and mathematics we have,   
so you can’t really blame the press or media as they use,   
these tools of education given to them by the intelligence,   
of men and women instead deciphering your own really,   
psychologies are the controllers plus i got my own,   
i fall asleep into an absolute condition coming back as everything,   
so people called this real versus the unreal verses the reel,   
which one is true? Or is it just the language too corrupt?   
Just like i said females are stuck as women bitches hoes whores,   
does sluts and other British terms i learned while in Europe,   
predominantly England though beside Asia and the states, 
plus men are stuck as all dogs pigs deadbeats brutes heartless etc,   
so you can’t blame me for the cussing as everybody got the power,   
to rid anything with the will though emotions flare up and out, 
associations in the scene and not playing spiritual chess plus,   
the volcanic ripping tortured serial killers raped as babies,   
turned rapist diagnosed non-spiritually as mentally disturbed plus ill,   
now the battle is allopathic versus naturopathic,   
so i keep focused on the priorities at hand,   
making myself comfortable being more appreciative,   
enslaved to plant and animal kinds cause when they gone,   
we all extinct as hue-mans though but i’m coming up as angel,   
i’m trying to die bailing smiling cause hell is getting hectic,   
down here and i can’t hide my real self anymore,   
so they taking stabs at me hoping i break leaking out my heart of kindness,   
turning cold like them stares i be seeing mostly,   
all respect is earned when you are read about,   
proven to be real cause in the physical nobody couldn’t see you,   
man fear of coming back again on earth has gotten to me,   
in the worst ways and now exiting into another level i never,   
thought could exist…   
so either i live long healthy as ever exceeding my angel’s goal as of now,   
or and be prepared ready fore whatever,   
so my four kids being two black boys and two black girls i never seen before,   
i work proud and happy for yet strategic steady focused foe show,   
cause i ain’t going to prison knowing it is riches and die,   
you will find me dodging temporary death fore the permanent life,   
realer than ever with my bed and mind made up,   
there is no turning back when you on that mission…   
still on my mission…   
still on my mission…   
still on my mission…   
you never know when,   
it’s your time to go,   
one day your here,   
and the next your gone,   
find your purpose soul….